1. Which of the following concepts follows most directly from Thorndike's " Law of Exercise"?
    Functional autonomy
  2. Experimentally induced neurosis was a topic first studied by what well known figure in the history of psychology?
    Ivan Pavloc
  3. Russian physiologist/psychologist Ivan Pavlov was himself heavily influenced by the writing of what hisorical figure, regarding what phenomenon?
    Ivan Sechenoc, reflexes
  4. From the viewpoint of Alfred Binet himself, what was the predict school proformance of the orginal intelligence scales he and his colleagues constructed?
    None of the above
  5. What phenomena related to to classical conditioning was not somthing that Pavlov directly investigated or discovered?
    Conditioning of motor responses
  6. What was the first group intelligence test?
    The "Army Alpha" test
  7. What was the most notable achievement of French physician Jean Itard
    He attempted to teach Victor, the "Wild Boy of Averon", to use language
  8. Moe Howard was probably paid better for applying the label "moron" to people than was the originatorof that term, but who was the person who actually invented that term?

    D) None of the above
  9. Which of the following figures is best known for having collaborated with Alferd Binet, rather than for work he did independently of that?

    B) Theodore Simon
  10. Which of the following figures important in the history of phychological testing would have been most reluctant to report intelligence test scores using any form of I.Q.?

    D) Alferd Binet
  11. The "ratio I.Q." was computed as I.Q=(M.A/C.A)*100, was first used to express intelligence test scores in what test?

    A) The "stanford-Binet" test
  12. "Morgan's Canon" supported which of the following conclusions?

    D) None of the above
  13. The same author wrote three of the following four books; which one was the exception?

    D) portrait of a lady
  14. Afunctionalist psychologist would have agreed with which of the following statements?

    C) psychologist should look at a variety of populations of people inculuding the mentally ill, infants and thoes who are affected by mental retardation.
  15. Functionalism in psychology arose in part because of which of the following factors?

    D) all of the above
  16. Francis Galton was a versatile scholar and inventor, but he didnt have anything to do with which of the following phenomena?

    C) he founded what may have been the first american psychology laboratory
  17. Which of the following psychologist would you imagine to have been least intrested in exploring implications of Darwin's theory of evolution for psychology?

    A) Wilhelm Wundt
  18. Jhon Dewey publised a famous article that appeared in the imprtant journal, psychological review, in 1896. What was the main thing that aricle discussed?

    B) the reflex of consciousness
  19. there is some debate about who founded the first american psychology research laboratory, but the first psychology teaching lab facility was founded where, by whom?

    B) Harvard; Williams James
  20. What did William James mean by the "psychologist' Fallacy"?

    C) although careful laboratory analyisi of perception may identify structural elements they may not exist in more natural perception
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