UIL Vocabulary 2

  1. balladeer
    a person who sings ballads.
  2. ball-peen hammer
    a hammer having a hemispherical peen (ball peen) for beating metal.
  3. barratry
    • 1. fraud by a master or crew at the expense of the owners of the ship or its cargo.
    • 2. the offense of frequently exciting and stirring up lawsuits and quarrels.

    late Middle English barratrie < Anglo-French, Middle French baraterie combat, fighting
  4. beccafico
    a small songbird, especially the European garden warbler, eaten as a delicacy in France and the Mediterranean region.
  5. besotted
    • 1. to intoxicate or stupefy with drink.
    • 2. to make stupid or foolish

    Middle English: fool (-sot)< Medieval Latin
  6. bicaudal
    having two tails or taillike appendages.

    < Neo-Latin caudātus
  7. boondoggle
    • 1. a product of simple manual skill, as a plaited leather cord for the neck or a knife sheath, made typically by a camper or a scout.
    • 2. work of little or no value done merely to keep or look busy.
    • 3. a project funded by the federal government out of political favoritism that is of no real value to the community or the nation.
  8. brave new world
    a new period in history resulting from major changes in society, especially technological; a future world or society experiencing positive and negative effects from major changes
  9. caconym
    a name, especially a taxonomic name, that is considered linguistically undesirable.

    < Greek, combining form of kakós, meaning "bad"
  10. cacophonous
    having a harsh or discordant sound.

    < Greek
  11. Canaanite
    a member of a Semitic people that inhabited parts of ancient Palestine and were conquered by the Israelites and largely absorbed by them.

    Middle English<Greek
  12. canvasser
    • 1. to solicit votes, subscriptions, opinions, or the like from.
    • 2. to examine carefully; investigate by inquiry; discuss; debate.
  13. carafe
    a wide-mouthed glass or metal bottle with a lip or spout, for holding and serving beverages.

    French < Italian caraff ( a ) < Spanish garrafa, perhaps < dialectal Arabic gharrāfah dipper, drinking vessel
  14. carillon
    • 1. a set of stationary bells hung in a tower and sounded by manual or pedal action, or by machinery.
    • 2. a set of horizontal metal plates, struck by hammers, used in the modern orchestra.

    < French: set of bells, Old French < Vulgar Latin
  15. carnassial
    (of teeth) adapted for shearing flesh.

    <French, flesh-eating<Latin
  16. casuistic
    oversubtle reasoning; intellectually dishonest; sophistical; deceptive

    < Spanish casuista < Latin
  17. carchword
    a memorable or effective word or phrase that is repeated so often that it becomes a slogan
  18. cede
    to yield or formally surrender to another

    < Latin, to go, yield
  19. cerulean
    deep blue; sky blue; azure.

    < Latin, dark blue, azure
  20. chachka, tchotchke
    an inexpensive souvenir, trinket, or ornament.

    < Yiddish tshatshke < Polish czaczko bibelot, knickknac
  21. chasseur
    • 1. (in the french army) one of a body of cavalry or infantry troops equipped and trained for rapid movement.
    • 2. a uniformed footman or attendant

    < French: literally, chaser
  22. chatoyant
    changing in luster or color

    < French, chatoyer, to change luster like a cat's eye (chat- >cat)
  23. chiffonier
    • 1. a high chest of drawers or bureau, often having a mirror on top.
    • 2. a low bookcase, with grille doors or doorless.

  24. Chiricahua
    member of an Apache Indian group
  25. Chirstology
    the branch of theology dealing with the nature, person, and deeds of Jesus Christ.
  26. chronicled
    a chronological record of events; a history.

    < Greek chroniká annals
  27. circumambient
    surrounding; encompassing

    < Late Latin
  28. circumspect
    watchful and discreet; cautious; prudent

    late Middle English < Latin (to look around)
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