HHD- Statistical Analysis

  1. Health Status
    Refers to an overall evaluation made about how an individual or poplation is at any given time
  2. Incorperating...
    • Life Expectancy
    • Disability
    • Disease Risk Factors
  3. Trend
    A statistical analysis term which refers to a pattern or relationship in the data.
  4. Interpreting Trends;
    The aim for analysing trends is to sum up a graph or the like in a statement. Find one applicable rule to apply out of the following 3-
  5. Rule 1-
    Summarise the whole graph: Look at the graph/table. Is there a statement that you can write which summarises the whole graph?
  6. Rule 2-
    What is being compared?: Look at what is being compared. Is there a statement that can be made about this?
  7. Rule 3-
    Some of the data: Can you make a genral staement about some of the data shown in the graph?
  8. Life Expectancy
    An Indication of how long a person can expect to live, or the nuber of years reamining to that person at a particular age, provided death rates do not change
  9. Mortality
    The number of deaths caused by a particular disease, illness or other envioronmenatl factor
  10. Morbidity
    Ill health in an individual and levels of ill health in a population or group
  11. The Difference between mortality and morbitity
    Morbidity is a measure of levels of ill heath and diseae and morbidioty is a measure of deaths caused by a disease/ illness
  12. Prevalence
    The number or proportion of exsisting cases of a particular disease/condition during a specific time
  13. Incidence
    The number or rate of NEW cases of a disease/condition during a specific time
  14. The difference between incidence and prevalence;
    Prevalence measures the amount of exsisting cases of a disease/condition whereas incidence is a measure of new cases of a disease/illness.
  15. Burden Of Disease
    A measure of ill health in a community. It measures the gap between current health status and and ideal where everyone lives to old age free from disease and disabilty
  16. DALY's
    Disability Adjusted Life Years
    Measure of the burden of disease in a community or group. One DALY equals to one year of healthy life lost due to premature death and time living with disease/illness
  17. DALY's = YLL+ YLD
    • DALY- Disability adjusted life year
    • YLL- Years of Life Lost
    • YLD- Years of Life Living with Disease/Disablity
  18. YLL- Years of Life Lost
    The fatal burden of disease of a population defined as years of life lost due to death
  19. YLD- Years of Life Living with Disease/Disability
    The non-fatal component of disease and is a meaure of the healthy years lost due to disease and disablity
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HHD- Statistical Analysis
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