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  1. according to Wundt, empircism lacked an appreciation of?
    volitional processes
  2. Wundt's use of introspection most closely resembled that of?
    Helmholtzian physiologists
  3. which is not a influences that interact and determine the perceptual field?
    The emotions of the individual
  4. As evidence of his views on verbal communication,Wundy pointed out thatwe remember BLANK and not BLANK
    meanings and specific words.
  5. titcher defined BLANK as the sum total of mental experienve at any given moment
    The consciousness
  6. According to Husserl, experimental psychology?
    Must be preceded by a careful, rigorous phenomenological analysis
  7. which of the following best describes vaihingers's attitude toward " fictions"?
    without them societal living would be impossible
  8. darwin defined in terms of an organims's?
    Ability to survive and reproduce
  9. of dawin's books, the one most directly related to psychology is?
    The experssion of emotions in man and animals
  10. Galton belived that intelligence was?
    Largely determined by sensory acuity
  11. What did Galton not measure in his Anthropometric laborartory?
    verbal skills
  12. binet conducted his first studies of intelligence on?
    his daughters
  13. The goal of the 1905 version ofthe binet-simon scale of intelligences was to ?
    Distinguish between normal and retared children
  14. goddard's study of the Kallikak family confirmed his beliefs that?
    intelligenceis largely inheritated
  15. The major conclusion from Terman's study of tenius was that?
    gifted children became gifted adults
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