OH 103

  1. Burford Holly
    Ilex cornuta 'Burfordii'

    Medium sized simple leaves. Alternate attachment. leaves are squared off with two side spines and a center spine. Does produce small white flowers in early spring. Female ONLY. Superior buds.
  2. Yaupon Holly
    Ilex vomitoria

    Large shrub that can be trained into standard tree. Serrulate(small toothed) ovate leaves less than 2 inches. Leaves are revolute. Dioecious. Alternate leaf attachment.
  3. Wilson Holly
    Ilex X altaclerensis 'Wilsonii"

    Large ovate leaves with the spines ranging from large to small on the same plant. Requires complete shade in Las Vegas. Can be trained to be a small tree.

    Marker 26
  4. Japanese Aralia
    Fatsia japonica

    • Evergreen spreading shrub. Simple leaves that are attached alternately. Prefers deep shade. Leaves are large and have between 5-7 lobes.
    • Adventious root system.
  5. Algerian Ivy
    Hedera canariensis

    Requires shade to be healthy. Same Ivy as in the front of the house. Adventious root system.
  6. English Ivy
    Hedera helix

    Small to medium sized leaves that turn more heart shaped as they mature. Adult plants form greenish white flowers that produce small black poisonious fruits. White veins in leaves.
  7. Botanical wonder
    X Flatshedera lizei

    • Intergenius hybrid cross of
    • Hedera helix and Fatsia japonica
    • Evergreen shrub that has 5 large lobed leaves on woody stems similiar to Ivy that can be trained to a trellis or espallier.
  8. Mock Orange
    Pittosporum tobira

    Glossy thick leaves alternately attached. Undersides are lighter in color. Leaves have entire margins and can be condensed at tip of the branch to simulate a rosette. Compact in shade and open growth in sun.
  9. Variegated mock orange
    Pittosporum tobira 'variegata'

    Slightly smaller than its all green sibling. Leaves are varigated with cream colored edges. Can produce small flowers with pleasant smell.
  10. Dwarf mock orange
    Pittosporum tobira 'Wheeler's Dwarf'

    Grows in low rounded mounds.
  11. Weeping Pittosporum
    Pittosporum angustifolium

    • Small to medium sized trees with 4" linear leaves. Small yellow flowers produce slightly large orange fruit. Prefers sun and can take reflected heat and sun.
    • Reproduces by rhizomes that can create a bosque.
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