Basis Definitions- HEALTH

  1. The world health organisation (WHO)1946 definintion of 'health';
    A state of complete phsycal social and mental wellbeing; not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.
  2. Limitations of the WHO definition of health;
    • - The WHO definition states that 'health' is a perfect or 'complete' health'. FOr many people this is rarely attained.
    • - Absence of disease and infirmity does not necessarily mean a person is healthy
  3. The 'Hollistic' Definiton
    Hollistic means to look at the whole picture. The who definition is significant becasue it is the first time health was considered more than just something phsycal, or apperance based.
  4. Phsycal Health;
    Refers to the current state of the body and it's components- incorperating absence/presence of disease/illness/injury, fitness levels, and operation of the body's systems
  5. Examples of phsycal health;
    • BMI
    • Organ Functioning
    • Energy
    • Drugs, Smoking and Alcohol
  6. Social Health;
    Refers to the current state of relationships and interaction individuals have with family friends and others
  7. Examples of social health;
    • Friendship
    • Bullying
    • Fitting In
    • Talking
    • Interaction
  8. Mental Health
    Refers to the current stae of the mind, feelings, emotions and intellect also taking into accont self esteem, self concept and coping abilities
  9. Examples of Mental Health
    • Acdemic ability
    • Chemical Balance in the brain
    • Motive
    • Absence of Trauma
  10. Wellbeing;
    A state of being healthy, happy and contented usually determined through self assesment
  11. Disease
    an abnormal conditon of the body or mind that causes discomfort or disfunction or stress to the person affected
  12. Infirmity
    A bodily aliment or weakness especially one brought on by old age
  13. Interrelationships between the dimensions of health
    The 3 dimesions of health can affect one another. Interraltionship occurs when the 3 dimesions of health overlap and influence each other in positive and negitive ways. Often referred to as a 'ripple' or 'flow on' effect.
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