Immuno E2, VI

  1. Two categories of mucosal lymphoid tissues:
    • Inductive Sites
    • Effector Sites
  2. What occurs at Inductive Sites?
    Ag are encountered, processed and immune responses are initiated
  3. What occurs at Effector Sites?
    Where Ab and CMI responses are carried out
  4. Example Inductive Sites (5):
    • Tonsils
    • Appendix
    • GALT
    • BALT
    • Peyer's Pathes
  5. In the GI tract, what occurs at the Inductive and Effector Sites?
    • Inductive= Ab Class switching in Peyer's Patches
    • Effector= Ab secreted into lumen
  6. ___ can be supplemented PO to a pregnant F
    • IgA
    • (Gi -> Mammary -> Colostrum)
  7. IgA act by ____ in the GI, while IgE and IgG carry out ____
    • Immune Exclsuion
    • Immune Elimination
  8. Immune Elimination-
    • Ab destroys Ag within the surface tissues
    • (IgE and IgG)
  9. How does IgA carry out immune exclusion in the GI tract?
    It prevents adherence of bateria and viruses to epithelial surfaces
  10. Steps of IgA production (3):
    • Secreted by plasma cell as a dimer, within the submucosa
    • Binds to Poly-Ig Receptor, and trasported to luminal surface
    • part of Poly-Ig is cleaved, but Secretory IgA remains (resistant to proteases)
  11. Uniquie ability of IgA
    It can act intracellularly
  12. Immune Elimination is mediated by
  13. How does IgE carry out Immune Elimination?
    It attaches to mast cells
  14. What tissues does IgE act on?
    • Intestine
    • Respiratory
    • Skin
  15. When is IgE triggered?
    When IgA is evaded and microorganism gains access to tissues
  16. How does IgA respond to intestinal parasite infection & what are the steps that follow?
    IgA attaches to Mast Cell, causing it to degranulate
  17. Degranulation of Mast Cells ->
    • (follows after IgA attaches)
    • Inflammation
    • Increased Vascular Permeability
    • Fluid Leakage btw enterocytes
    • Fluid into lumen ->
    • Flush out parasites
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