Vocabulary Words 4

  1. Converge
    move toward one point
  2. Uncanny
    strange, mysterious, weird, beyond explanation
  3. Cogent
    relevant, to the point; convincing
  4. Venial
    easily excused; pardonable
  5. Expunge
    to erase, obliterate, destroy
  6. Panacea
    a remedy for all ills; cure all
  7. Malevolent
    spiteful, showing ill will
  8. Bequeath
    to give or pass on as an inheritance
  9. Invulnerable
    1. not able to be hurt or wounded; 2. shielded against attack
  10. Scrupulous
    1. exact, careful, meticulous; 2. having high moral standards, principled
  11. Ascertain
    to find out
  12. Nonchalant
    cool and confident, unconcerned
  13. attainment
    an accomplishment, the act of achieving
  14. Supercilious
    proud and contempuous; showing scorn because of a feeling of superiority
  15. Finite
    1. having limits; 2. lasting for a limited time
  16. Omniscient
    knowing everything; having unlimited awareness or understanding
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