16 Medications

  1. acetaminophen (Tylenol)
    • For pain/ fever NOT inflamation.
    • Decreased liver function w/overdose
    • antidote to decrease liver damage is acetylcysteine (Mucomyst)
  2. furosemide (Lasix)
    • Loop diuretic
    • reduces BP and decreases edema
    • check I & O - urine output
    • assess K+ (3.5-5.0), edema, lung sounds
    • increase fluids to prevent dehydration
  3. metroprolo (Lopressor)
    • antihypertensive (beta blocker)
    • assess BP check HR (bradycardia)
    • assess renal & hepatic function
    • ANTIDOTE- glucagon
  4. nitroglycerin - NTG (NitroDur)
    • Vasodialator: c/o chest pain (angina) relives chest discomfort, HA as SE
    • may give q5min x 3 up to 15min
    • Reduces BP call HPC if no decrease.
    • HOLD if pulse is <60 or sys BP is <90
  5. Prednisone
    • Anti-inflamatory many drug to drug interactions
    • assess for increase K+, glucose (diabetic), BP, weight , appetite, s/s infection (drug masks inf.), mood changes.
    • Give w/food. DON'T d/c suddenly
    • incidence of osteoporosis and fx's
  6. potassium chloride -KCl (Micro K or K-Dur)
    • K+ replacement (electrolyte) increases serum K+level (3.5-5.0)
    • check I & O (assess kidney function) No IM route, no salt substitute, No IV bolus or push
    • DILUTE in large volumes of IV solution via IV pump
  7. aspirin (Ecotrin)
    (enteric coated)
    • for pain/fever/inflamation/antiplatelet
    • Doesn't let platelets clump together
    • assess allergy, check bleeding, give w/food
    • DO NOT give w/ Coumadin/heparin
  8. levothyroxine (Synthroid)
    • thyroid replacement. increses BMR
    • assess radial pulse before administration - if >100 hold and evaluate T3,T4, TSH
    • Give on empty stomach in a.m. do not d/c suddenly
    • T3 >50yrs 40-180 ng/dl
    • T4 male 4-12 ug/dl female 5-12 ug/dl
    • TSH 2-10
  9. digoxin (Lanoxin)
    • cardiac glycoside, slows and strengthens the heart. assess apoical before adminis. if <60bpm or >100 hold and evaluate. chech toxicity signs (N&V, GI upset, vision changes, fatigue) small threapeutic window (dig level 0.8-2.0) check K+, I&O (kidney function)
    • Antidote- Digibind
  10. ranitidine (Zantac)
    • antiulcer. decreases productioin of stomas acid.
    • Do Not give at same time as antacid
    • SE gynecomastia in men (& inpotence)
  11. metformin (Glucaphage)
    • oral hypoglycemic, inhibits glucose production in liver & increases sensitivity of perphial tissur to insulin.
    • check BS frequently (70-105)
    • SE decreased liver function and blood dyscrasis
  12. timolol (Timoptic eye gtts.)
    • for glaucoma (decrease IOP) wear gloves
    • put in lower conjunctival sac. make sure eyes are clean of matter before.
    • pressure at inner canthus of eye 30-60 sec to decrease ant systemic absorption
  13. insulin-regular & NPH
    (Humulin R & Humulin N)
    • replaces insulin not being produced by pancreas
    • *BS proir to. (sq or IV) ONLY R = given IV
    • Hypo- sweat, weak, dizzyness, chills, confusion
    • Hyper- acetone breath, polyuria, polydipsia, fatigue, flushed dry skin BS 70-105
    • Regular-onset 1/2-1hr peak 2-4 duration 5-7
    • NPH-onset 1-2hr peak 4-12, dur. 18-24
  14. morphine (Duramorf)
    • narcotic anaglesic, check allergy, assess LOC and resp proir to admin. If resp<12 - hold and evaluate. Provide safety after. Assess BP
    • Antidote is NARCAN
  15. ibuprofin (Advil)
    • for pain/fever/inflamation inhibits prostaglandin synthsis
    • give on empty stomach unless GI distress (food, milk or antacid ok)
    • Caution with other drugs that increase bleeding
  16. heparin
    • Anticoagulant: assess PTT/APTT, given sq or IV via pump. Check bruising & bleeding.
    • Many drug to drug interactions
    • Do Not give with aspirin
    • Antidote is protamine sulfate
    • PTT 60-70 sec APTT 30-40 sec
    • Therapeutic dose starts at 1.5-2x control/normal
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