Volume 4 Chapter 11

  1. Peritoneal Space
    Division of abdominal cavity containing those organs or portions of organs covered by the peritoneum
  2. Retroperitoneal Space
    Division of the abdominal cavity containing organs posterior to the peritoneal lining
  3. Pelvic Space
    Division of abdominal cavity containing those organs located within the pelvis
  4. Digestive Tract
    Internal passageway that begins at the mouth and ends at the anus
  5. Chyme
    Semifluid mixture of ingested food and digestive secretions found in the stomach and small intestines
  6. Peristalsis
    Wavelike muscular motion of esophagus and bowel that moves food through the digestive system
  7. Supine Hypotensive Syndrome
    Inadequate venous return to the heart caused by fetus compressing the inferior vena cava when mother is supine.
  8. Peritoneum
    Fine fibrous tissue surrounding the interior of most of the abdominal cavity and covering most of the small bowel and some of the abdominal organs
  9. Mesentery
    Double fold of peritoneum that supports the major portion of the small bowel, suspending it from the posterior abdominal wall
  10. Evisceration
    A protrusion of organs from a wound
  11. Hematochezia
    Blood in stool
  12. Hematemesis
    Blood in vomit
  13. Hematuria
    Blood in urine
  14. Peritonitis
    Inflammation of the peritoneum caused by chemical or bacterial irritation
  15. Rebound Tenderness
    Pain on release of pressure on abdomen. Associated with peritoneal irritation
  16. Guarding
    Protective tensing of abdominal muscles by patient suffering abdominal pain. voluntary or involuntary
  17. Abruptio Placentae
    A condition in which the placenta seperates from uterine wall
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Volume 4 Chapter 11
Volume 4 Chapter 11