Scene Size-up

  1. Force or forces that may have caused injury.
    Mechanism of injury
  2. Injury caused by an object that passes through the skin and other body tissues.
    Penetrating trauma
  3. Steps taken by the EMS provider when approaching, arriving, and attending at the scene of an emergency call to ensure the safety of the crew, the patient, and bystanders.
    Scene size-up
  4. Area aroung the wreckage of a vehicle collision or other incident within which special safety precautions should be taken.
    Danger zone
  5. Principle that a body in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force.
    Law of inertia
  6. Keen awareness that a person may have injuries.
    High index of suspicion
  7. Agency that provides advice on hazardous materials via a hotline.
  8. Injury caused by a blow that does not penetrate through the skin or other body tissues.
    Blunt force trauma
  9. Material available for rescuers to obtain quick information about hazardous materials.
    North American Emergency Response Guidebook.
  10. Violence in the home.
    Domestic violence
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Scene Size-up
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