1. Who were the first Europeans to visit America
    The Norseman Vikings
  2. Who built the first global trading empire
    Portugal on gold ivory slaves
  3. What activity formed the basis for Agricultural colonies based on slave labor
    The crusades and growing and processing of sugar
  4. Describe Isabella and ferinands Spain
    Militoristic and catholic-- conquest and colonization
  5. What was Columbus credited with
    Finding new world carriben and he made 4 trips to the Americas
  6. What were the primary activities of the indiginous people of the Americas
    Hunting gathering-- no domestication- human sacrificeand cannibalism
  7. What was the impact of European contact with the indiginous Americans
    • Conquest and catastrphe - disease
    • contact and cultural misunderstanding
  8. What culture dominated the south American Andes
  9. What culture threatened it's neighbors in south America
    Aztecs -human sacrifice of neighbors
  10. What were the charcteristics of the calvinists of the Dutch reformed church
    Protestant militant and puritanical
  11. What are the Calvinist denominations
    • The heogonauts France and presbrytarians a
    • and the puritans
  12. What was the effect of the reformation on eorpean communities
    Challange to Spain and overseas empires
  13. What was the first abosolute monarchy to exploit the resources of north America
    France - the fur trade
  14. Who provided ideological competition to absolutist monarchial rule in Europe
    Dutch who had a republic
  15. The pilgrims established a colony based on what principles
    At Plymouth based on English freedoms English puritans
  16. What colony was an experiment in pluralism
    New Netherland
  17. Who made French claims in north America
    Jaques Cartier and Samuel de Champlain
  18. How many languages were spoken in new Amsterdam
    • 18 languages
    • by 450 people
  19. WhAt was the original land grant of the Virginia company charter
    Most of the united states and some of canada excluding new France
  20. What did hawkins drake and Gilbert encourage elitabeth the first to do
    Menace the Spainish kingdom
  21. Who was instrumental in the establishment of Pennsylvania
    William Penn support of king Charles II
  22. What was the impact of cromwells reign onthe Quakers, Presbyterians and baptists
    • The were persecuted the Quakers head to the USA
    • Delaware
  23. What colony experimented with complex repubicanism
  24. What colony experimented with absolutism
    New York , new York city
  25. What country dominated the Atlantic coast of north America by the early 1700s
  26. Proir to 1700 which colonists had the longest life expectancy
    English - mid atlantic- new England
  27. What colonies had black majorities prior to 1700
    Lower south and the west indies
  28. What was significant about Benjamin franklin life
    • Youngst son of youngest son for 5 generations
    • egaltarianism
  29. Define mecantilism
    • State managed trade-
    • money regared as the store of wealth
    • export not import
  30. By the mid 1700 most colonies were what type
    Royal colonies
  31. What was the result of the navigation acts
    England dominates trade
  32. What was the result of the Lords of Trade Acts
    • Enforce navigation acts
    • Higher taxes- smuggling- revolution
  33. What was the relation ship between the government and the Indian and settler during the late 17th century
    Varied colony to colony
  34. What was the glorious revolution in England
    Parliment overthrows James II
  35. What was the result of the glorious revolution in America
    Freedom and revolution
  36. How did the colonists view military service
    Would do it if convieniant - would get land
  37. What was the main term of the mollasses act 1733
    • Wanted colonies to buy british
    • special tax for France
    • molasses had to go back to England first and the to colonies
  38. Describe population growth growth during the 1700s in colonies
    • Population explosion
    • population doubles every 25 years
  39. WhAt was the result of population growth on professionals
    • Out paces England suppply capcity
    • doctors lawyers
    • north trains there own
    • south sends them back to England to get trained
  40. What was the result of anglicizing the American colonies
    American society became more English and women list more rights
  41. In which colonies did 90percent of the Slaves arrive
    • The southern states
    • Virginia maryland georgia north and south Carolina charlestown
  42. In what area was there little or no government
    The backcountry - interior mountains of Virginia and the carolinas
  43. Which colonies were known as the best poor mans country
    • Mid Atlantic
    • Pennsylvania,new York, new jersey, delaware
  44. Which colonies had a faltering economy based on paper money
    • New England
    • conneticutt- massechusetts- rhode island
  45. What was the primary idea behind the English enlightenment
    ExLted mans capacity for knowledge and social imrovement
  46. What was the impact of the enlightenment on higher learning in the Americas
    Higher learning instifuions were established
  47. What were some of Benjamin Franklins accomplishments
    Newspaper printer library hospital inventions electricity
  48. The great awakeningof the 1730and 1740s was characterized by what main points
    • Religious revival
    • change In denomination loyalty
    • women dominate churches
  49. How did the democratic franchise compare between England and the American colonies
    More people could vote in the colonies
  50. What did the Albany congress propose
    • Colonial union
    • idea rejected by all colonies
  51. Who were the Paxton boys
    • Scottish Irish from
    • Paxton county trouble makers from
    • Pennsylvania who attacked the Pennsylvania Indians
  52. What was the stamp act
    • Tax on all legal documents
    • publications and marriage licenses and so on
  53. What was the reaction to the stamp act in the American colonies
    • Taxation with out representation
    • condemn actions of parliment
  54. What group violently opposed the stamp act
    Boston sons of liberty
  55. Define politcs of escalation
    • Resistance
    • starts out minor and then snowballs
  56. What colony was primary leader advocating independece
  57. Where did the British try to use military coercion to impose order
    • Boston harbour
    • 1000 soldiers from nova scotia
    • quatering act
  58. Who was John Wilkes
    Popular British MP seen as friend by Boston
  59. Who were th loyalists
    • Prominent families in the colonies dependent on crown for
    • public offices
  60. What did the sugar act tax
    Molasses coffee maderia wine
  61. How did the English respond to taxario without representation
    Virtual representation
  62. What was damaged in the Boston tea party
    342 chests of tea valued at 700000 today
  63. What were the intolerable acts
    Quebec. Act and the coercive acts
  64. What terms of the Quebec act angered the colonies
    French law and the catholic church
  65. What act was considered a direct threat by the colonies
    The coercive act
  66. What was the result of the first comtinnental conference 1774
    Repeal of the intolerae acts
  67. What was the result of the second continental conference
    Declaration of independence
  68. What battle represented the start of the military conflict in the American revoltuion
    Concord and Lexington
  69. What was the declareatory
    • Affirmed parliment had full
    • power to make laws and statutes of sufficient force to bind states
  70. When did the Americans declare independence
    July 4 1776
  71. What British colony ended up with more loyalists than Any other
    • Most ended up
    • In Quebec
  72. What philosopher work most influenced the declaration of independence
    John Locke
  73. On what set of assumptions does Jefferson base the American declaration of independence
    Natural law philosophy

    • All men are created equal, that they are endowed by there creator with certain innalienable rights
    • that among theses are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness
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