Immuno E2, I

  1. What molecules can bind Ag?
    • MHC
    • TCR
    • BCR
    • Fab of Ab
  2. How does an Ab switch classes?
    The variable region joins to a different constant region=> a different class of Ab
  3. Polyclonal Ab are the result of...
    Multiple epitopes expressed by a single pathogen.
  4. Monoclonal Ab are...
    Identical Ab derived from a single clone or its daughter cells
  5. Goat anti-dog IgG is made from....
    • Dog Ag, injected into a goat
    • (Later, injected back into a dog)
  6. How can Ab in the serum be evaluated?
    Positive charge electrophoresis (seperates proteins based on charge)
  7. High globulin fraction indicates...
    Inflammatory response
  8. Where does biological activity of the Ab reside?
    Fc Region
  9. What part of an Ab determines the biological activity?
    Fc Region
  10. What part of an Ab determines the specifity?
  11. What structural part differs among different Ab classes?
    Constant regions of H chains
  12. Biological Activities of a Fc receptor (3):
    • Deliver molecules to anatomical sites
    • Links bound Ag to molecules/cells for destruction
    • Many cells have Fc receptors that are specific to a particular class or subclass of Ig
  13. What structures on the Ab form the binding region?
    • H chain amino-terminal
    • L chain
    • (Fab)
  14. What part of the Ab determines the biological Activity?
    Fc region
  15. General functions of Ab's (5):
    • Aggregation
    • Opsonization
    • Neutralization
    • Mast Cell Degranulation
    • Ab-dependent-cell cytotoxicity
  16. Neutralization-
    Ab inhibits entry os pathogen into a cell or neutralizes the effects of toxin
  17. Opsonization-
    Ab forms a bridge btw Ag or pathogen and phagocyte
  18. Aggregation-
    Ag's become insoluble to Ab binding and formation of complexes (removed by macrophages)
  19. Ab-dependent-cell cytotoxicity is an example of...
    how Ab may help deal with intracellular pathogens
  20. Role of Ab in Ab-dependent-cell cytotoxicity:
    Ab acts as a bridge btw. NK cell, Cytotoxic T cells and target cells
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