Juvenile Delinquency

  1. Human limitation
    Major theme in this course
  2. What is Delinquency
    An umbrella subject which includes sociology, psychology, ect

    Theory: Steady significant increase in crime
  3. We live in an area of?
    Moral relativism
  4. Moral Relativism:
    There is no right or wrong...depends on the given situation

    Based on Einstein’s theory or relativity which states “the faster you move the slower your time” (There is no absolute time)
  5. Juvenile justice system created for TWO reasons
    Criminal behavior committed by children (delinquency)

    Neglect and abuse of children (dependency)
  6. Delinquency:
    Criminal behavior done by a person defined as a child
  7. How do you define a child?
    By chronological age

    Most states=less than 18 years old (General Rule)

    Some exceptions where crime is excluded
  8. Status Offense:
    They are illegal because of the persons status (tobacco use, alcohol underage drinking)
  9. Modern System
    is based on the idea that children are unique beings that demand unique needs
  10. Parenspatriae:

    Originally meant “the king is the parent of his subject”

    Evolved into: the state has parental responsibility to its most vulnerable citizens (children)

    So state has right and power to act as a “parent” or father of its child citizens
  11. Old English Common Law Rule:
    A child less than seven year is too young to be prosecuted. But if older can be prosecuted.
  12. The Age of Enlightment:
    Humanistic trend in western civilization (Locke, Rousso)

    Ideas such as: all men are created equally. Every human being has inalienable rights

    **Our whole constitution is based off of this***
  13. Children Savers movement
    Children are unique…are not mature and less able to see consequence of behavior…therefore less quilt and have to be treated different

    Also if a child is committing crimes then something is wrong with the child…the child is a victim of something negative in their life. Children should be treated and rehabilitate

    Advocated in changes in treatment of kids

    **Led to 1st juvenile court system in Illinois**
  14. **The modern juvenile delinquency is described as a hybrid** Explain..
    Hybrid of the criminal system and civil system
  15. Criminal system
    Has a limit on persons freedomSociety is the victim. Injure society if certain behaviors are allowed like murder or rape. Society would not be able to function
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