science comp 2

  1. energy in the form of motion
    kinetic energy
  2. SI unit of energy
  3. stored energy due to postition, can be converted to kinetic energy when something acts to release it
    potential energy
  4. sum of potential and kinetic energy in a system
    mechanical energy
  5. transfer of energy that occurs when a force makes an object move
  6. amount of work done, or the amount of energy transfered in a certain amount of time
  7. device that makes doing work easier
  8. measure of how much of the work put into a machine is changed into work done by a machine
  9. force exerted on a machine that is used to do work
    effort force
  10. force applied by a machine to overcome resistance
    resistance force
  11. the fixed point on a lever
  12. machine that does work with only one movement
    simple machine
  13. combination of two or more simple machines
    compound machine
  14. solar heating system device that absorbs radiant energy from the sun
    solar collector
  15. total energy, including kinetic and potential energy of the particles that make up a material
    thermal energy
  16. energy from the sun that is free, renewable, and can be used to heat buildings
    solar energy
  17. device that removes thermal energy from one place and transfers it to another place at a different temperature
    heat mover
  18. material that doesn't allow electrons to move through it easily
  19. thermal energy that flows from a warmer material to a cooler material
  20. a measure of the average kinetic energy of all the particles in an object
  21. formula for gravitational potential energy
    GPE=m*9.8m/s2 * h
  22. formula for kinetic energy
    KE=1/2m * v2
  23. formula for work
    • W=f*d
    • work = force * distance
  24. formula for power
    • P= w/t
    • P= work/time
  25. formula for the IMA of an inclined plane
    • IMA= l/h
    • length/ height
  26. formula for the IMA of a wheel and axle
    • IMA= Rw/Ra
    • radious of wheel/ radious of axle
  27. Formula for the IMA of a lever
    • IMA= Le/Lr
    • length of effort arm/ length of resistance arm
  28. formula for the change in thermal energy
    • Q=m* (Tf-Ti) *C
    • Q= m*(Tf-Ti) * specific heat
  29. transfer of energy in the form of electomagnetic waves
  30. device that converts thermal energy produced by combustion into mechanical energy
    heat engine
  31. amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of 1kg of a material to 1k
    specific heat
  32. a type of heat engine that burns fuel inside the engine
    internal combustion engine
  33. a unit to measure how much energy you get from food
  34. 1c= how many joules?
  35. 1g of fat= how many calories?
    • 9c
    • 9c= 37,656j
  36. 1g of carb = how many calories?
    • 4c
    • 4c= 16,736j
  37. 4 stroke engine
    • 1.intake
    • 2.compression
    • 3.power
    • 4.exhaust
  38. 3 types of potential energy
    • 1.Gravitational
    • 2.Elastic
    • 3.Chemical
  39. energy stored by objects above Earth's surface
    gravitational potential energy
  40. energy stored by something that can stretch or compress
    elastic potential energy
  41. energy in chemical bonds
    chemical potential energy
  42. 3 types of levers
    • 1.first class
    • 2.second class
    • 3.third class
  43. changes direction of applied force
    first class lever
  44. resistance force is between effort force and fulcrum
    second class lever
  45. effort force is located between resistance force and fulcrum
    third class lever
  46. energy is converted from a small amount of mass, atoms added together
    nuclear fussion
  47. converts mass into energy, atoms are broken apart
    nuclear fission
  48. types of machines
    • 1.lever
    • 2.pulley
    • 3.wheel & axle
    • 4.inclined plane
    • 5.screw
    • 6.wedge
    • 7.compound machine
  49. a bar that is free to pivot, or turn around a fixed point
  50. grooved wheel with a rope, chain, or cable running along it
  51. two wheels of different sizes that rotate together
    wheel & axle
  52. a sloping surface, ramp
    inclined plane
  53. two or more simple machines are used together
    compound machine
  54. substance used to absorb heat
  55. when is work done?
    • 1.object has to move
    • 2.moves in direction of applied force
  56. human coolant
    sweat, absorbs heat from body
  57. why is water the best coolant?
    Because it takes the longest to heat up and cool down
  58. 3 heating systems
    • 1.forced air
    • 2.electric
    • 3.radiant
  59. what is thermal energy transferred by?
    conduction, convection, and radiation
  60. what is the difference between conduction and convection?
    • conduction is transferred through matter by the direct contact of particles.
    • convection is the transfer of energy in a fluid by movement of heated particles
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