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  1. What were the main achievements of Reconstruction and why did it ultimately fail?
    14th Amendment- Giving all citizens equal rights. Wasn't sucessful at first because the white people couldn't respect the laws. Riots were happenening. The South wouldnt pass the laws at first. Voter kept voting no on the ballets so the law took a while to pass.
  2. What problems confroned farmers in the west in the period c. 1865-1898? How did they try to deal with them?
    Farmers in the West faced a huge proble, with the mass amount of people who moved out there. People were moving to the west to claim stranded land and farms. Farmers couldn't produce enough food to keep up with the demand. Farmers delt with that problem by modernizing agriculture. Farmers produced their product with machinery. Used rail road systems for shipping the product.
  3. What impact did industrail growth have on American society in the late 19th century?
    In the 19th century white people started noticing that the Native American "problem" has returned. Natives were forced to live like the white people. Natives grew to get the skills to work and to be able to speak english. Which allowed them to get jobs. Jobs that the white people felt were theres.
  4. What social and political problems did reformers address during the "Gilded Age"
    Political problem Grants corrupt presidency. Drinking was was a social problem because a lot of Americans thought that drinking should become illegal. People who were drink were the usually ones the ones causing the crimes.
  5. Whar were the aims of US foreign policy under McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt?
    The Actibist Role- "For the civilized should be responsible to police the uncivilized." Strong nations had a duty to use their power to preservce order and peace.
  6. Why did reform movements begin to make breakthroughs during the 'Progressive Era'?
    Progressive era usually started at the local level, then move to the state and finally at the nations capital.
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