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  1. Cystic extrathyroid lesions: neck
    • branchial cleft cyst (lat to carotid), thyroglossal duct cyst (midline mass), ranula (retention cyst of sublingual glands), retention cysts of mucous glands (parotid), cystic hygroma (lymphangioma, most common < 2y/o); Cystic extrathyroid lesions: nasooropharnyx �
    • Thornwald�s cyst, mucus retention cyst, necrotic SCC;
  2. Cystic extrathyroid lesions: larynx, paralaryngeal space
    laryngocele, mucus retention cyst
  3. Cystic thyroid lesions:
    colloid cyst, cystic degeneration, cystic papillary tumor, cystic mets
  4. Bilateral thyroid masses:
    lymphoma, mets (RCC, lung), multiple primary tumors, MNG, thyroiditis, cysts
  5. Neck lymphadenopathy: enlarged Waldeyer's ring
    lymphoma, mononucleosis, HIV;
  6. Neck lymphadenopathy: skin lesions
    KS, sarcoid, lymphoma, CA, cat-scratch, TB, Actinomycosis;
  7. Neck lymphadenopathy: enlarged nodular salivary glands
    HIV, Sjogren, sarcoid, lymphoma, cat-scratch;
  8. Neck lymphadenopathy: calcified
    thyroid CA, treated lymphoma, sarcoid, silicosis, TB
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