1. Phenotype
    Physical expression of inherited traits, in this case I am a blood type group A
  2. Genotype
    Actual genes inherited from each parent. I can be an AA or an AO
  3. Gene
    Basic unit of inheritance on a chromosome
  4. Allele
    One of two or more different genes that may occupy a specific location on a chromosome
  5. Haplotype
    When two genes are close together on the same chromosome and are inherited as a "group" or "bundle"
  6. Polymorphic
    Having two or more alleles at a given gene locus genetic system which expresses 2 or more phenotypes
  7. Codominant Expression
    Equal expression of 2 different inherited alleles
  8. Recessive
    Gene product expressed only when inherited from both parents
  9. Dominant
    Gene product expressed over another gene
  10. Amorphic
    Gene which does not express a detectable product
  11. Homozygous
    2 alleles for a given trait are identical
  12. Heterozygous
    2 alleles for a given trait are different
  13. Autosomes
    Chromosomes other than sex chromosomes
  14. Dosage Effect
    Stronger agglutination which occurs when a RBC antigen is expressed from homozygous genes
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