1. 1912 Presidental Election
    Four people were running in the campain for President. Woodward Wilson Won
  2. African American Settlement in the West
    had to work for formal owner's land, farming
  3. Anti-immigration legislation
    limited the number of immigrant that can be admitted from any country.
  4. Anti-Imperialist League
    battle the American annexation of the Philippines as an insular area
  5. Bimetallism
    certain quanity of gold equals certain quanity of silver
  6. Explosion in Havana Harbor
    Ship was sent over by US to protect and it was blown up. TR thought it was Spain.
  7. Ghost Dance Movement
    return the Indain spiritual movement for died ancestors- Buffalo Bill
  8. Hull House
    • Settle ment house- education centers for poor
    • Helps immagrats settle in America
  9. League of Nations
    Group to maintain world pease and keep US out of another WWI
  10. "Robber Barons"
    took everything
  11. Separate but equal
    Supreme Court delcared that facilities didn't violate the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment cuz "seperation" did not mean inferiority of a group
  12. The Wobblies
    I.W.W- Industraul Workers of the World- Joe Hall- accused of a robbery "labor Hero"
  13. Nathan Bedford Forrest
    used to trade slaves, no formal military, joined military during the Civil War then became sargent.
  14. German U-boats attacks in World War I
    Germans' had u-boats attacked by a submarine
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