CSTM 254 Exam #1 cha 6

  1. Material Handeling
    • always move material with the least expensive labor possible
    • deliver material as close as possible to the location of installation
    • deliver the material to its location with delivery people
    • deliver from the truck to the installation location if possible
    • avoid movie the material more than once
    • anticipate equi\pment needs for the entire project and ensure that the porper equipment is available
    • select the optimum equpment for movie the material
  2. Analyzing equipment use
    • const
    • availability
    • capacity of the equipment
    • safety
    • quantity of material
    • access to the point of use
    • provide adequate delivery routes
    • coordinate deliveries
  3. The following steps can help organize the stortage of material
    • coordinate shop drawoing and fabrication with the supplier
    • establish areas for the delivery of eash major material
    • sort the materail upon its delivery to the site
    • allow adequate spa for sorting and storage of waste materials
    • protect storage material, as neccessary
  4. Laydown area
    indicates storage area
  5. Site configuration elements that increase productivity
    • travel time from gate to work site
    • traveltime to sanitary facilities
    • travel time to sanitary facilities
    • travel time to coffee break
    • travel time to lunch
    • travel time movie material
    • travel time to ask superintedant questions
  6. ways to opptimize transportation
    • separate people and material
    • schedule floor stops
  7. point of delivery
    taking into account the limitations of equipment and the materials it is moving
  8. Site access for people and material
    • man lifts should be by the personel etrances
    • temp facilities should be accessible to the work site via the site equipment
  9. sequence of events
    knowing the sequence of events will determine the equipment being used
  10. location of temporary facilities
    • personel facilities should be located next to personel moving equipment
    • materials should have easy aaccess as well as he necessary equipment to move it.
    • ex. tower crane being able to reach storage area for picks
  11. Traffic patterns
    easy flow onto and off the site avaiding congestion
  12. clearance for large vehicles
    turning radius, length width, height, etc.
  13. what to keep in mind when planning material storage or laybown areas
    • estimate the amount of storage needed
    • use the construction schedule
    • adequate accesss in provided for delivery and removal
    • solid serface
    • materials on pallets or skids
    • weather sensative materials are protected
    • use parts of the structure for storage
    • temp storage units
  14. functions of the jobsite offices
    • superintendents heaquatrers and office
    • place of biness for the contractor
    • location of telephone fax
    • location of full current documents
    • location of as build drawings
    • location of poster for employees
    • first aid
  15. what are the Attributes of the Jobsite office?
    • lockable
    • adequate desk space
    • space for a plan table
    • windows
    • wall space for projeect schedule
    • conference space
    • storage space
    • HVAC
  16. where do job site toilets need to be located
    • located 200 fee horizontally from all employees
    • every third floor on multi story buildings
    • 1 to 10 people = 1unit
    • 11 to 25 needs 2
    • 26 to 40 needs 3
    • 41 to 60 needs 4
    • 61 to 80 needs 5
    • over 80 one aditional unit per 20 people
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CSTM 254 Exam #1 cha 6
CSTM 254 Exam #1 cha 6