EDL 13-16

  1. Inert
    unable to act or move; inactive; sluggish
  2. circumvent
    to get around; to bypass
  3. clandestine
  4. acquit
    to find not guilty of a fault or crime
  5. deprecate
    to express strong disapproval of
  6. barrister
    (british) lawyer
  7. adulation
    excessive praise or admiration
  8. culinary
    having to do with the kitchen or cooking
  9. bawdy
    indecent; humorous
  10. myriad
    a very large number; too numerous to be counted
  11. latent
    present but not active; hidden
  12. pernicious
    destructive; deadly
  13. frugal
    thrifty; economical in money matters
  14. levity
    lightness of disposition; lack of seriousness
  15. hoax
    a practical joke; a trick
  16. amicable
    friendly; peaceable
  17. obstrerperous
    aggressively boisterous; stubborn and defiant
  18. enraptured
    delighted beyond measure
  19. marital
    having to do with marriage
  20. bask
    to expose oneself to pleasant warmth
  21. genial
    friendly; amiable
  22. charlatan
    one who pretends to have knowledge in order to swindle others
  23. mundane
    commonplace; earthly and not spiritual
  24. fickle
    likely to change on a whim or without apparent reason
  25. juggernaut
    a terrible destructive or irresistible force
  26. naive
    simple in outlook; not affected or worldly; especially innocent
  27. nocturnal
    having to do with night; occurring at night
  28. novice
    a beginner; one who is inexperienced
  29. noxious
    harmful to the health
  30. connive
    to cooperate secretly in wrongdoing
  31. chutzpah
    nerve; audacity
  32. liege
    a lord, master, or sovereign
  33. odium
  34. crass
    coarse; tasteless
  35. hypercritical
    overcritical; too severe in judgement
  36. fallacy
    a mistaken notion; a misconception
  37. complacent
    self-satisfied; smug
  38. befuddle
    to confuse; to perplex
  39. pandemonium
    a wild disorder, noise, or confusion
  40. parsimonious
    excessively thrifty; stingy
  41. verbose
    using more words than needed; wordy
  42. laudable
    worthy of praise; commendable
  43. indiscreet
    not wise or judicious; imprudent, as in speech or action
  44. pique
    to cause resentment
  45. linguistics
    the study of the structure, sound, and meaning of language
  46. plebian
    a commoner; one from the lower class; common or vulgar
  47. precoccious
    showing early development, especially mental
  48. predatory
    incline prey on others
  49. prowess
    superior skill or ability
  50. pugnacious
    eager and ready to fight
  51. purloin
    to steal
  52. pusillanimous
  53. quell
    to put an end to; to allay or quiet
  54. quixotic
    very idealistic; impractical; caught up in romantic notions
  55. rabble
    a disorderly crowd
  56. rabid
    ranging; fanatical
  57. raconteur
    a person skilled at telling stories
  58. vindictive
    seeking revenge; bearing a grudge
  59. nirvana
    a condition of great peace or happiness
  60. salutary
    healthful; wholesome
  61. despicable
    contemptible; hateful
  62. harlequin
    a clown
  63. empathy
    an understanding of another's feelings
  64. brevity
    a briefness; short duration
  65. savant
    a person of extensive learning; an eminent scholar
  66. obsequious
    excessively submissive or overly attentive
  67. redundant
    repetitious; using more words than needed
  68. offal
    garbage; waste parts
  69. hoi polloi
    the common people, the masses
  70. sentient
    conscious; capable of feeling or perceiving
  71. impinge
    to encroach; to trespass
  72. cataract
    a large waterfall
  73. animosity
  74. bombast
    impressive but meaningless language
  75. orthography
    correct spelling
  76. paleontology
    a science dealing with prehistoric life through the study of fossils
  77. recoil
    to retreat; to draw back
  78. panache
    self-confidence; a showy but useless manner
  79. saturnine
    gloomy; sluggish
  80. endemic
    confines to a particular country or area
  81. mendacious
    lying; false; deceitful
  82. obviate
    to prevent; to get around
  83. paroxysm
    a sudden outburst; a fit
  84. aggrandize
    to increase the range of; to expand; to make appear larger
  85. deign
    to lower oneself before an inferior
  86. flaunt
    to show off
  87. shibboleth
    a word or pronunciation that distinguishes someone as from a particular group
  88. elicit
    to draw forth; to call forth
  89. orifice
    mouth; opening
  90. hallow
    to make holy
  91. perdition
    damnation; ruin; hell
  92. chaff
    worthless matter
  93. aesthetic
    pertaining to beauty
  94. empiracal
    based on practical experience rather than theory
  95. germane
    relevant; fitting
  96. hermetic
    tightly sealed
  97. meretricious
    attractive in a cheap, flashy way
  98. querulous
    complaining; grumbling
  99. flaccid
  100. hospice
    a shelter for travelers, orphans, or the ill or destitute
  101. egregious
    remarkably bad; outrageous
  102. ratiocinate
    to reason; to think
  103. foment
    to stir up; to incite
  104. salient
    significant; conspicuous; standing out from the rest
  105. recant
    to withdraw or disavow a statement or opinion
  106. jocular
    humorous; lighthearted
  107. palliate
    to ease; to lessen; to soothe
  108. malleable
    capable of being changed; easily shaped
  109. recreant
    a coward; a traitor
  110. affinity
    an attraction to
  111. impalpable
    unable to be felt; intangible
  112. fiscal
    pertaining to fitness
  113. regale
    to delight with something pleasing or amusing
  114. miscreant
    a vicious person
  115. flagellate
    to whip; to lash
  116. lascivious
    lustful; lewd
  117. flout
    to ridicule; to show contempt for
  118. salacious
    obscene; lustful
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