Anatomy & Physiology II

  1. Renal Capsule
    • The deep layer.
    • A smooth transparent sheet of dense irregular connective tissue that is continuous with the outer coat of the ureter.
    • Serves as a barrier against trauma and helps maintain the shape of the kidney.
  2. Bowman's capsule
    • Also known as Glomerular capsule.
    • A double-walled globe at the proximal end of a nephron that enclosesthe glomerular capillaries.

    • Blood plasma is filtered in and then the filtered fluid passes into the renal tubule, which has three main sections.
    • 1) Proximal convoluted tubule
    • 2) Loop of Henle (nephron loop)
    • 3) Distal convoluted tubule
  3. Kidney Functions
    • 1) Regulation of blood ionic composition
    • 2) Regulation of blood pH.
    • 3) Regulation of blood volume
    • 4) Regulation of blood pressure
    • 5) Regulation of blood osmolarity
    • 6) Production of hormones
    • 7) Regulation of blood glucose level
    • 8) Excretion of wastes and foreign substances
  4. Regulation of blood ionic composition
    The kidneys help regulate the blood levels of several ions, most importantly sodium ions (Na+), potassium ions (K+), calcium ions (Ca2+), chloride ions (Cl-), and phosphate ions (HPO42-)
  5. Regulation of blood pH
    The kidneys excrete a variable amount of hydrogen
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