Lecture 30: Stem Cells

  1. Adult stem cells
    • undiff cell found among differentiated cells
    • in niche, may be quiescent until activated by injury or turnover
    • never "designed" for therapt to injury
  2. Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC)
    • multipotent
    • unlike EC cells, MSC can be exhausted in prolif potential
  3. Skeletal muscle stem cell
    • satelite cells
    • but can be multipotent & form other m
  4. Hematopoietic Stem Cells (HSC)
    • multipotent
    • all blood cell types (lymphid and myeloid)
  5. Damage and Injury
    Increases transdifferetiation or cell fusion
  6. Stem Cell Niche
    • stable anatomical environment
    • regulates how SC participate in tissue generation, maintenance, repair
    • protects host from depleting SC's too quickly
  7. Niche locations
    • Bone stem cell niche: osteoblast, inner surpface bone/vascular endothelium
    • Hair follicle: IFE in basal layer, HF bulge, SG sebaceous gland
    • GI-> Colon- crypts, Stomach- isthmus and neck region, SI= +4 paneth cells
    • Germ cell: for spermatogonial monopotent- basal compartment with Setoli cells
  8. Telomerase
    • not expressed in quiescent SC
    • expressed in transit amplifying cells. (sperm)
  9. Embryinic Stem Cell (ES cell)
    • inner cell mas of a blastocyst from early embryos
    • cultures and induce differntiation to what you need
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