CSTM 252 Exam #1 cha 4

  1. Product Dat Submittal
    • usually consist of the manufactruere's product information
    • manufaturere, trade, name, model, or type number
    • Description of use and performance characteristics
    • Size and physsical characteristics
    • finish charactersitics
    • specific reqest for jobsite demensions
  2. Shop Drawings
    • drqwing of set of drwing produced by the contractor, supplier, manufacturer, subcontractor, or fabricator
    • NOT produced by architects or engineers
  3. Specific information that should be included in shop drawings
    • 1. comparison information for the architect and engineer
    • 2. notes of changes or alterations from the construction documents
    • 3.information needed to fabricate the product
    • 4.indication of dimension needing verification from the hobsite
    • 5.placement or installation information
    • 6.samples
  4. Samples
    • a physcal portion of the specified product
    • often needed when there are multiple acceptable products
  5. The Procurement Schedule
    is a schedule of activities for particular products from submittal through delivery to the job site
  6. Submittal Log
    used for tracking the acutal progress of the submittal
  7. Submittal Review by Contractor
    • Contractors review submittals for the following
    • Compliacne to specification
    • dimensional conformance to the construction asssemblies
    • interface with other materials and assemblies, avoidin duplication of omission of elements in the process
    • constructability of the assemple, recognizing the steps necessary in construction the system
  8. Reviewing submittals, tranferance of liability
    • architects and constractors will usually keep there aproval stamp simple to aviod the transfer of liability
    • "reviewed' Statement
    • contrator
    • date reviewed
    • project
    • signature
  9. Use of Submittals During Construction
    • Information for praration of openin, support, adjoining assemblies, and gernal construction details
    • quality control information to assure that the correct produt has been supplied
    • placement diagrams for installations of the material
    • information relationd to necessary handling and placement of equipment
    • jobsite reference for architect and owner
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CSTM 252 Exam #1 cha 4
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