Kingdom Protista Vocabulary

  1. protozoa
    animallike protist
  2. pseudopod
    temporary projection of cytoplasm, or a "false foot", used by some protists for feeding or movement
  3. amoeboid movement
    type of locomotion used by amoebas
  4. cilium
    short hairlike projection similar to flagellum; produces movement in many cells
  5. contractile vacuole
    cavity in the cytoplasm o fsome protists that collects water and discharges it from the cell
  6. trichocysts
    A threadlike organ in certain protozoans that can be discharged suddenly in order to grasp or sting
  7. macronucleus
    the larger of a ciliate's two nuclei, contains multiple copies of mose of the genes that the cell needs in its day-to-day existance
  8. micronucleus
    the smaller of a ciliae's two nuclei; contains a "reserve copy" of all of the cell's genes
  9. malaria
    infectious disease, caused my Plasmodium, carried by mosquitos
  10. African sleeping sickness
    Caused by the protist Trypanosoma that lives in the bloodstreams of vertebrate animals
  11. trypanosoms
  12. amoebic dysentery
  13. accessory pigments
    also known as phycobins, found in green algae and are really good at absorbing blue light
  14. photoplankton
    population of algae and other small, photosynthetic organisms found near the surface of the ocean and forming part of plankton
  15. algal boom
    an immediate increase ub tge anount of algae and other producers that results from a large input of a limiting nutrient
  16. phycobilin
    an accesory pigment found in red algae that is especially good at absorbing blue light
  17. fucoxanthin
    brown accessoryt pigment that along with chlorophyll a and c gives algae a dark yellow, brown color
  18. sporophyte
    diploid, or spore producing, phase of an organism
  19. gametophyte
    haploid, or amete producing, phase of an organism
  20. alternation of generations
    process in which many algae switch back and fourth between haploid and diploid stages of their life cycles
  21. fruiting body
    slender reproductive structure that produces spores and is found in some funguslike protists; reproductive structure of fungus that develops from a mycelium
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