Skin disorders

  1. what do primary lesions include
    macules, papules, plaque, nodule, tumor, cysts, wheals, vessicle, bullae, pustules
  2. what do seconday lesions include
    • result from primary but manipulated
    • scales, crust, fissure, erosion, excoriation, ulcer, scar
  3. impetigo contagiosa
    • S/S: mild itching, sores, small vessicles
    • -body folds
    • Rx; cleansin
    • topical anitbacterial agent
  4. Boils
    • infection of hair follicles
    • S/S: neck face buttocks back
    • pain tenderness puss
    • Rx: do not squeeze
    • protect from irritation
  5. folliculitis
    • inflammation of hair follicle
    • S/S: redness
    • develop into papule or pustule
    • Rx; moist heat
    • antibiotics
  6. tinea corporis (ringworm)
    • inflammation of hair follicle
    • S/S: itchy, red-brown, scaling
    • excessive perspiration and friction
    • Rx: topical antifungual cream
  7. tinea pedis (athletes foot)
    • warm sweating conditions
    • S/S: soles
    • itchy
    • dry scaling patch or blistering
    • Rx: topical antifunguals
  8. Varuca (common wart, platar wart)
    • common: hands and feet
    • plantar:sole of foot
    • S/S: small elevated round lesion
    • rough dry surface
  9. skin cancer
    • malignant tumor that grows in skin
    • S/S: small shiny bump or nodule
    • moles that change
  10. Hepatitis B
    • attacks liver which leads to infection
    • spread from food water or contact
    • S/S: fatigue, weakness, nausea, abdominal pain, fever
    • prevention: good hygiene, vaccinate
  11. Hapatitis C
    • contact with infected person
    • S/S: 80% have no s/s
    • loss of apetite, muscle or joint pain, dark urine
  12. human immunodefficiancy virus
    • affect Tcells, B cells and macrophages
    • S/S: fatigue weight loss muscle or joint pain
  13. Occupational safety and head administration
    • 1.personal protective equipment
    • 2.cover all open skin wounds and lesions
    • 3.if bleeding remove athlete immediately
    • 4. change glove frequently
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