V-Z SAT Vocabulary Words

  1. vacillate
    to fluctuate; to hesitate
  2. vacuous
    lacking content or ideas; stupid
  3. vapid
    lacking liveliness; dull
  4. variegated
    diversified; distinctly marked
  5. venerate
    to regard with respect or to honor
  6. veracity
    truth; accuracy
  7. verdant
    green in tint or color
  8. vex
    to confuse or annoy
  9. vicarious
    experiencing through another
  10. vicissitude
    event that occurs by chance
  11. vilify
    to lower in importance; defame
  12. viscous
    not freely flowing; syrupy
  13. vitriolic
    having a caustic quality
  14. vituperate
    to berate
  15. wanton
    undisciplined, lewd, lustful
  16. winsome
    charming; pleasing
  17. wistful
    full of yearning; musingly sad
  18. wizened
    dry, shrunken, wrinkled
  19. zenith
    the highest point; the culminating point
  20. zephyr
    a gentle breeze
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