anthro midterm2

  1. world-view, ideology, and cosmology are all:
    one's expectations of how the world works
  2. world-view...
    emphasizing perception and experience
  3. ideology...
    emphasizing guiding principles
  4. cosmology...
    emphasizing the universe and everything in it
  5. science-
    the form of knowledge acquired by the scientific method
  6. scientific method-
    a way of self-correcting knowledge
  7. Two main approaches:
    Materialist & Interpretivist
  8. materialist-
    the scientific approach
  9. interpretivist-
    the humanistic approach
  10. types of religion:
    animatism, animism, theism
  11. animatism-
    belief in impersonal force
  12. mana-
    the force in animatism (luck is the english word for mana)
  13. tabu-
    a prohibition with an immediate impersonal supernatural sanction
  14. animism-
    belief in spirits (egalitarian)
  15. spirits-
    a supernatural person (they have personality traits)
  16. theism-
    belief in gods (stratified society)
  17. gods-
    a spirit who creates or controls some aspect of the world
  18. egalitarian-
    society in which everyone has the same basic access to resources, power, and prestige (animism)
  19. stratified-
    society in which groups have differential access to resources, power, and prestige (theism)
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