Anthro mid-term 1

  1. What is anthropology?
    study of humanity from a holistic perspective
  2. What are 2 ways in which anthropology is holistic?
    scope and approach
  3. 2 main branches of anthropolgy are:
    physical and cultural (anthro)
  4. Physical anthro is:
    everything about the human body
  5. cultural anthro is:
    everything about human behaviour
  6. Main parts of cultural anthropolgy:
    (the first two are synonyms for eachother)
    Sociocultural (anthro) & ethnology, archaeology, ethnography, linguistic (anthro), applied (anthro)
  7. Study of present-day culture is:
    sociocultural anthro or ethnology
  8. archaeology:
    study of past cultures through their material remains
  9. ethnography:
    study of a specific culture
  10. linguistic anthro:
    study of language from an anthropological perspective
  11. applied anthro:
    use of anthropological knowledge for a practical purpose
  12. religion-
    • people's relationship with the supernatural
    • (atheism is a rejection of the supernatural)
  13. supernatural-
    that which can not be known by normal sensual means (by your normal senses; can not prove disprove existence of heaven, life after death etc.)*it is primarily perceived through an altered state of conciousness
  14. culture-
    a set of traits that is shared, learned, passed on, symbolic, and systemic
  15. norms-
    normal behavior
  16. ethnocentrism-
    the idea that one's own culture is better than other cultures
  17. cultural relativism-
    the idea that one cannot judge another culture except by its own standards
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