Philosophy Quiz 2

  1. What is a Maxim?
    "the general rule a person was following in choosing to do what he did"
  2. What are the examples Kant gives about the Two Grociers?
    There are 2 grociers, both who may not cheat their customers.

    1) The first may not because of self interest (not wanting to get caught)

    2) The second strictly because he feels he should treat all customers fairly.

  3. What is Catagorical Imperative 1 state?
    IFF the morality of an action is determined by whether the maxim of the action could be reasonably accepted as something everyone would be required to adopt.
  4. What is a problem with Catagorical Imperative 1?
  5. What is Catagorical Imperative 2?
    "IFF it is not intended to treat someone as a means to one's own end, but treat them all intrinsicly"
  6. What is Subjective Relativism?
    IFF it is acceptable to the individual who undertakes that action.
  7. What is a problem with Subjective Relativism?
    LOOK UPP!!
  8. What is Cultural Relativism?
    IFF it is acceptable in the culture in which the action is performed.
  9. What is a problem with Cultural Relativism?
    It doesnt allow us to look down on our or other cultures.
  10. What does Gert say about a Strongly Justifiable violation to a moral rule?
    "considering the circumstances going down, if all impartial rational people would accept the action knowing that moral rules are allowed to be violated in those circumstances"
  11. How would Gert's theory explain that cheating is morally wrong?
    If you were to broadcast around that someone was cheating, most people would not say that this is acceptable in the circumstances. Therefore, it is not a justifiable violation to a moral rule.
  12. What does Bagish say about Tolerance and the Heirarchy of Values?
    Since in the heirarchy of values, the value lower in the heirarchy yeilds to the one that is higher, in the case of many of these cultural things, tolerance would be lower than compassion.
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