REAL LAB QUIZ 9:1,9:2, 9:6, 9:7

  1. discribe the reactionswhat happened when we putDistilled water in water,15% Succrose in water,30%Succrose in waterDh2c in 30% sucrose
    Distiled water and water= no change,15% Succrose in H2o=increase30% succrose in water=increase Dh2c in 30% succrose=Decrease
  2. what does the triangle signals for in the experiment
  3. Experiment 9:2 experiment is here to show the effects light and carbon dioxide on____ production
  4. 9:2 tries to determine the enviromental conditions necessary for photosyntheses and startch production, what hyphothesis does this experiment looks at
    Photosynthesis proceeds only in the presence of light and carbon dioxide
  5. In Experiment 9:1 you are to distinguish between two different _____ and ____
    Carbohydrates and water.
  6. experiment 9:1
    to find presence of startch glucose and distilled water and startch we place drops of
    Iodine solution
  7. experiment 9:6 is separation of Photosynthetic Pigments by paper
  8. what does paper chomatography do
    it allow substance to be separated from one another on the basis of their physical charecteristics.
  9. Why do seperation occur in paper chromatograph and what is the finished product
    due to the solubilityo fthe pigment in the chromatography solvent adn teh affinity of the pigments for absorption to the paper surface. The finished product is called Chromatogram
  10. where are the chloroplast pigment molecules located on
    thylakoid disk
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REAL LAB QUIZ 9:1,9:2, 9:6, 9:7