PR Comm: Media Kits and Pitches

  1. Expanding the Publicity Tool Kit
    • Fact sheets
    • Media or press kit
    • Media alert or advisory
  2. Facts in outline or bullet form that reporters can use when writing a story
    Fact sheets
  3. Types of fact sheets
    • Upcoming events
    • Organization profile
    • Summary of product or survice
  4. Tell assignment editors about upcoming news events, opportunities or local angles
    Media advisories
  5. Prepared for major events, new products or musical acts
    Main news release
    News feature
    Fact Sheet
    Photos or graphics with captions
    Biographical material on key players
  6. Preparing a pitch
    know the needs of the journalist, medium and audience
  7. When pitching
    • Follow-ups?
    • Contacting reporter?
    • Pitch news or new trend
    • Don't call during deadline
    • Don't embellish
    • Offer something unique
    • Offer exclusive?
    • Offer credible spokesperson
    • Emphasize how info will benefit audience
    • Do the work for them!!!
  8. Pitch letter
    • Sentences clean, sharp, to the point
    • Should have enticing lead
    • Don't grovel or beg
  9. Social pitch
    using social media as a forum to communicate
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