PR Comm: Finding and Generating News

  1. Responsibility of the PR Pro
    • Be familiar with journalistic news values
    • How to package news
    • Know where to find news
    • Create publicity tactics that attract the media
    • Know the difference between getting headlines and getting a message out
  2. Barriers to Media Coverage
    • Gatekeepers
    • Shrinking news
    • Changing nature of media
    • Information Overload
  3. Ways to overcome obstacles
    • Understand news values
    • Target right media
    • Keep in mind , media consumers' needs, employers' objectives, gatekeepers' requirements
  4. What Makes News

    Tori Probably Pushed Significant Unusual Hunches Called News
    • Timeliness
    • Prominence
    • Proximity
    • Significance
    • Unusualness
    • Human interest
    • Conflict
    • Newness
  5. How to find news
    Internal and external news sources
  6. Internal business documents
    Annual reports
    Position papers
    Employee newsletters/magazines
    Be a roving reporter in your organization
    Internal news sources
  7. Read, listen to and watch the news
    Link news events to your org, as appropriate
    Polls and surveys
    trade publications
  8. How to Create News
    • Brainstorming
    • Psuedoevents
    • Contests
    • Polls and surveys
    • Top 10 lists
    • Product demonstrations
    • Stunts
    • Rallies and protests
    • Personal appearances
    • Awards
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