PR Comm: Ethics and Legal Issues

  1. Written act of defamation
  2. Oral act of defamation
  3. 4 points to be proved for libel
    • Statement published to others by print or broadcast
    • Plaintiff was identifiable or is identifiable
    • Actual injury
    • Money Loss
    • Impairment of Reputation
    • Humiliation or mental anguish
    • Suffering
    • Publisher of statement was malicious or negligent
    • (made to 3rd party)
  4. Defense to Libel
    • Truth
    • Fair comment defense
    • Qualified opinion
  5. Invasion of privacy
    Releases for advertising and promotion
    Regulation of government agencies
    Legal Issues
  6. Deals with unfair methods of competition in commerce and unfair acts and practices
    Unsubstantial claims
    Fraudulent testimonials
    Deceptive Surveys
    Nonexistent authority
    Federal Trades Commision
  7. Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising
    • Endorsers as well as advertisers can be held liable for false or unsubstantiated claims or for failing to disclose material connections between the parties
    • No "safe harbor" whereby testimonials can be qualified by a "results may vary"disclaimer
    • Celebrities should disclose relationships with advertisers
  8. Bloggers who receive cash or in-kind payment
    • must disclose material connections they share with the seller of the product
    • firms that engage bloggers may be liable if blogger doesn't disclose relationship
  9. Advertisements or promotions that feature a consumer who conveys his or her experience with a product or service as "typical"
    should clearly disclose what results consumers can generally expect or specify how the results were unique to the invidual
  10. Research cited
    clearly disclosed
  11. Purpose is to secure for the creator of the original work all the benefits of creating it
    Applies to written words, illustrations, plays, musical works, websites
  12. Can use material for comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship or research
    Best to get permission
    Fair Use and Infringement
  13. An organization's name, products or slogans
    Restricted to owner of manufacturer
  14. The study of value, morals and morality
  15. Navran Decision Making Model

    • Define problem
    • Identify viable alternatives
    • Evaluate alternatives
    • Make decision
    • Implement the decision
    • Evaluate the devision
    • PLUS Filter (Policies, Legal, Universal, Self)
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