PR Comm: Preparing for Writing

  1. Types of research
    • Quanititative
    • Qualitative
  2. Components of Public Relations
    • Research
    • Planning
    • Communicating
    • Evaluating
  3. Maintain neutrality
    Writes objectively
    Writes to one audience
    One channel to communicate normally
  4. Persuades and motivates
    Support org goals
    Write to diverse audience through channels
    Advocacy not objectivity
  5. Five Writing Skills
    • Knowledge of Communications
    • Knowledge of PR
    • Knowledge of Current Events
    • Knowledge of Business
    • Knowledge of Management
  6. Knowledge of PR
    • Understand that they must comm. for understanding
    • Essence of PR lies in acting credibly and telling the truth
  7. Knowledge of current events
    • Read the papers
    • be aware of current issues and personalities
    • renaissance man or woman
  8. Knowledge of business
    • How the organization sustains itself
    • Speak the language of the organization
  9. Knowledge of Management
    Understand and appreciate how organizational policy is shaped and the pressures on management
  10. Why is research critical?
    • Current events and trends
    • Organizations goals and objectives
    • Competing interests
  11. No. 1 skill needed...
    ability to write
  12. Writing Guidelines: Questions
    • What do you want the audience to do?
    • Who is your target audience?
    • What are their needs, interests and/or concerns?
    • What is your message?
    • Which comm. channel is most effective?
    • Who is the most believable spokesperson?
  13. Sentences -- word count?
    • clear and concise
    • 15 to 17 words
  14. Paragraphs
    shorter is better than long
  15. grade level writing
    4th to 6th grade level
  16. verbs
    active and present tense
  17. Imagery
    Strong visual descriptions
  18. Spelling mistakes
    Poor Sentence Structure
    Wrong words
    Sound-alike workds
    Too many numbers
    Politically incorrect
    Things to avoid when writing
  19. Stress _____ benefits
    • you
    • what is the benefit of the reader?
  20. Leave reader with a....
    challenge or an action to accomplish
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