micro ch. 16

  1. ecosystem
    a community of all the organisms in a defined space.
  2. biota.
    sum total of all living organisms
  3. habitat.
    physical space or location where a species of microbe lives
  4. producers
    photosynthetic organisms that uses energy thru the sunlight
  5. consumers
    producers are used as nutrients by these organisms
  6. decomposers
    attack consumers after death and use available energy for metabolism.
  7. carbon cycle.
    cycle that brings carbon dioxide back to system thru photosynthesis.
  8. important helpers of carbon cycle.
    cyanobacteria and zooplankton
  9. major share of sulfur exists in nature as...
    sulfate ions.
  10. Desulfovibrio -
    conversion of sulfur to hydrogen sulfide under anaerobic conditions in water-logged soils and muds
  11. hydrogen sulfide...
    toxic to many, but certain photosynthetic bacteria use it as electron donor
  12. oxygen cycle.
    cyanobacteria - released oxygen to atmosphere.
  13. biofilm
    immobilized population of microbes caught in tangled web of ultramicroscopic fibers adhering to surface.
  14. bioremediation.
    putting microorganisms to breaks down synthetic waste
  15. indictors for microbe detection.
    coliform bacteria, group of G(-) rods
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