empy/cor pulm/bronchitis

  1. abonormal enlargement of the air spaces distal to the terminal bronchioles

  2. 3 types of emphysema
    • panlobular
    • centrilobular
    • bullous
  3. air spaces in their distended state, more than 1cm in diameter
  4. air spaces adjacent to the pleura, usually less than 1cm in diameter in their distended state
  5. causes of emphysema
    • smoking
    • hereditary
  6. patho of emphysema
    • elastic recoil of the lung is diminished, results in premature airway closure
    • ins flow rates are normal while exp flow are REDUCED
    • air trapping leads to chronic hyperinflation of the lungs and an inc FRC
    • lung comp is inc result of destruction of elastic lung tissue
  7. clinical signs n symptoms
    • dyspnea
    • digital clubbing results from chronic hypoxemia
    • inc ap chest diam (barrel chest)
    • elevated cbc
    • abg levels is chronic co2 retention and hypoxemia
  8. treatment of emphysema
    smoking cessation
  9. hypertrophy and thickening of the right heart ventricle
    caused by pulm htn
    cor pulmonale (right heart failure)
  10. cor pulm results in
    peripheral edema such as pedal (ankle) edema, distended neck veins, and enlarged liver ****
  11. treatment for cor pulm
    • smoking sessation
    • pursed lip breathing-- acts as peep, prevents premature airway closure by producing back pressure
  12. inflammation of bronchial mucosa that can be acute or chronic. BLUE BLOATER

    coughing with mucus for days, 3 months longer for 2 successive years
  13. cause of bronchitis
    • smoking
    • inhaled smoke, pollutants

    greatly inc air resistance with air trapping
  14. clinical signs and symp of bronchitis
    • cough w/ sputum production
    • dyspnea on exertion progressing to dyspnea w/ less effort
    • co2 retention and hypoxemia
  15. treatment of bronchitis
    • avoid smoking
    • bronchial hygiene, bronchodilators to losen up secretions
    • anti inflam med, steroids
    • antibiotics for infection
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empy/cor pulm/bronchitis
empy/cor pulm/bronchitis