Fab Vocab 176-200

  1. Abberation
    a state or condition departing from the normal
  2. Lackadaisical
    Dreamy, sureal, not listless, without interest
  3. Punctilious
    meticulous: marked by precise accordance with details
  4. Quixotic
    not sensible about practical matters, unrealistic
  5. Cupidity
    excessive desire, lust
  6. Exigency
    a pressing or urgent situation
  7. Innocucous
    without bad effect, harmless
  8. sycophant
    insincere flattterer, parasite
  9. pandiculation
    instintive stretching, as on awakening, yawning
  10. efficacy
    the power to produce an effect
  11. exoriate
    to flay, to censore scathingly
  12. bombinate
    to buzz, hum, or drone
  13. surreptitious
    secret, stealthy
  14. glower
    to stare angirly, or with a scowl
  15. amity
    friendship, good will
  16. rusticate
    to go into the county, send away temporally
  17. effulgence
    brightness, shining radiation, luster
  18. sallow
    having a sickly, yellowish color
  19. impregnable
    unconquerable, unyeilding, not to be entered
  20. acrimonious
    caustic, bitting, rancorous
  21. desultory
    jumping from subject to subject, errotic, inconsistent
  22. eschew
    to avoid moral or practical grounds, to shun
  23. sequacious
    proceeding smoothly, regurarly, especially slavishly
  24. derspiciaus
    acutely, perceptive, shrewd
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Fab Vocab 176-200
Fab Vocab 176-200