Personality Disorder-3

  1. Describe what is Cluster A as Paranoid.
    • Described as pervasive, distrust & suspiciousness of others with motives as malevolent. Starts in early adult, more common in men than woman.
    • Clinical picture:
    • Constantly on guard
    • Hypervigilant
    • Ready for real or imaginative threat.
    • Trust no one.
    • Constantly testing honesty of others.
    • Oversensitive.
    • Tends to misinterpret minute cues.
    • Magnifies and distorts cues in the environment.
    • Predisposing Factors:
    • Possible hereditary link/ Subject to early parental antagonism and harassment.
  2. Describe what is Cluster A as Schizoid?
    • Described as aprofound defect in ability to form personal relationships. Fail to respond to others in meaningful emotional way. Asocial, diagnosed more in men than woman. Prevelence estimated at 3% to 7.5%
    • Clinical Picture:
    • Indifferent to others.
    • Client is aloof.
    • Client is emotionally cold.
    • Others presences, client appears shy, anxious, or uneasy.
    • Inappropriately serious about everything. Can't act light-heartes manner.
    • Predisposed Factor:
    • Possible heredity factor. Childhood charaterized as black, cold, unempathy, notably lacking in nurturing.
  3. Describe what is Cluster A as Schizotypal?
    • A graver form of pathologically less severe schizoid personality pattern\preschizophrenia which effects 3% of population.
    • Clinical Picture:
    • Clients are aloof and isolated, often exhibit bizzarre behavior.
    • Behave bland & apathetic manner.
    • Everyday manifest as:
    • Magical thinking, Ideas of reference, Delusions, Depersonalization.
    • Bizzarre speach pattern. Under stress, may decompensate and demonstrate psychotic symptoms. Demonstrate bland, inappropriate affect.
    • Predisposed Factors:
    • Possible heredity factors, physiological influence, such as anatomic deficits or neurochemical dysfuntions within certain areas of the brain.
    • Early Family dynamics:
    • Indifferent, Impassivity, Formality, Pattern of discomfort with personal affection and closeness.
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