Chapter 4

  1. What nutrient is needed to meet the bodys needs?
  2. The general types of carbs are
    simple sugars and comlex (polysaccharides) sugars
  3. Digestion of starch begins in the
    mouth and continues in the small intestine with the pancreatic amylase
  4. How many calories per gram to carbs provide?
    4 cal per gram
  5. Monosaccharides have how many units of sugar
    1 sugar: glucose, fructose, and galactose
  6. Disaccharides have how many units of sugar
    2 sugars: sucrose(salt), maltose(sugar), lactose(sugar milk).
  7. Sucrose
    • 2 sugar
    • made of of glucose and fructose
  8. maltose
    • 2 sugar
    • mad up of glucose and glucose
  9. lactose
    • 2 sugar
    • glucose and galactose
  10. Insulin:
    secreated from the pancreas. decreases blood sugar.
  11. Glucagon
    secreated from the pancrease. increasing blood sugar
  12. Epinephrine
    • secreated from the adrenal glad.
    • flight or fight response and increase blood sugar
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