Chapter 3

  1. Cells basic needs to function:
    energy, water, control system, oxygen, building blocks, and nutrients
  2. Cardiovascular system:
    • Pulmonary: lung and heart
    • Systematic: entire body
  3. Lymphatic Circulation
    one way TOWARDS the heart
  4. Mechanical
    chewing, grinding, mashing, churning
  5. Chemical
    enzymes, juices, and acids
  6. Majority of absorbtion occurs in the
    small intestine
  7. 4 tastes are
    sweet, salty, sour, and bitter
  8. Villi
    fingerlike projections line intestinal track
  9. Microvilli
    trap nutrient particles and absorb them into the cells
  10. One serving size of alcohol is
    5 oz of wine, 12 oz of beer, 10 oz of wine cooler, 11/2 oz of hard liquor.
  11. The organ that detoxifies alcohol
  12. What organ rids waste
    The anus rids it and the large intestine holds waste.
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