1. What line is perpenicular and parallel to the IR for thr AP Axial (Townes Method)?
    • OML/IOML
    • 30/37 Degrees
    • CR 2-1/2" above the glabella
  2. What line is perpendicular and parallel to the IR for a Lateral Skull?
    • Perp-Interpupillary Line
    • Para-Midsagittal Plane
  3. What line is perpindicular and parallel to the IR for a PA Axial (Caldwell)?
    • Perp-OML
    • Perp-Midsagittal
  4. What line is Perpindicular and Paralell to theIR for a PA No Angle Projection?
    • Perp-OML
    • Perp-Midsagittal Plane
  5. What Line is perpindicular and parallel to the IR for an SMV?
    • Perp-IOML
    • Para-Midsagittal Plane
  6. How many fontanelles do children have?
  7. What are the fontanelles called in children and what do they become as adults?
    • Anterior=Bregma
    • Posterior=Lambda
    • L/R Sphenoid=L/R Pterion
    • L/R Mastoid=L/R Asterion
  8. What bones make up the floor of the cranium?
    • L/R Temporal
    • Sphenoid
    • Ethmoid
  9. What does the Sella Turcica in the Sphenoid bone protect?
    Pituitary Gland
  10. What two (2) different angulations can be used for a "Townes Method"?
    • OML=30
    • IOML=37
  11. What are the three(3) openings called and where are they located?
    • Foramen Rotundum
    • Foramen Ovale
    • Foramen Spinosum
    • (Sphenoid Bone)
  12. What part of the ear houses hearing and equilibrium?
    Internal Ear
  13. What part of the ear commuinicates with the Eustachian Tube?
    The Nasopharynx and Middle Ear
  14. What part of the ear has the Mastoid Air Cells?
    Lateral Labyinth????
  15. What corresponds to the Top of the Ear Attachment (TEA)?
    Petrous Portion
  16. What is another name for the earhole?
    External Acoustic Meatus (EAM)
  17. What is the most prominence point of the exteranal occipital protuberance?
  18. What is the angle on each side of the jaw or mandible?
  19. What is another name for the chin?
  20. What is a line between the outer canthus and EAM?
    OML- Orbitalmeatal Line
  21. What part of the skull is most vunerable to fractures?
    Squamous/Temporal Portion
  22. How much do you rotate the face and angle the tube for the "Modified Law Method"?
    15 and 15 degree
  23. Where is the CR enter for the AP Axial (Townes Method)
    • 2-1/2" above the Glabella
    • OML-30
    • IOML 37
  24. Where is the CR for a Lateral Skull
    2" above the EAM
  25. Where is the CR for a PA Projection NO ANGLE?
    Parallel to OML and EXITS at the Glabella
  26. Where is the CR for a PA Axil (Caldwell Method)?
    Angle 15 Caudad and Exit at the Nasion
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