MV Chapter 8

  1. anaphylaxis
    an extreme allergic reaction that can lead to respiratory distress, circulatory collapse, and death.
  2. antagonist
    a substance that interferes with or opposes the action of a drug.
  3. brand name
    the trade or propietary name of a drug, a registered trademark of the manufacturer; written with an initial capital letter.
  4. contraindication
    a factor that makes use of of a drug undesireable or dangerous.
  5. drug
    a substance that alters body function.
  6. efficacy
    the power to produce a specific result; effectiveness.
  7. generic name
    the nonproprietary name of a drug; that is, a name that is not privately owned or trademarked; usually a simplified version of of the chemical name; not capitalized.
  8. phytomedicine
    another name for herbal medicine
  9. potentiation
    Increased potency created by two drugs acting together.
  10. prescription (Rx)
    written and signed order for a drug with directions for its administration
  11. side effect
    a result of drug therapy or other therapy that is unrelated to or an extension of its intended effect. Usually applies to an undesirable efftect.
  12. substance dependence
    a condition that may resul from chronic use of a drug, in which a person has a chronic or compulsive need for a drug regardless of of its adverse effects.
  13. synergy
    combined action of two or more drugs working together to produce an effect greater than any of the drugs could produce when acting alone.
  14. tolerance
    a condition in which chronic use of a drug results in loss of effectiveness and the dose must be increased to produce the original response.
  15. withdrawal
    a condition that results from cessation or reduction of a drug that has been used regularly.
  16. -lytic
    dissolving, reducing, loosening
  17. -mimetic
    mimicking, simulating
  18. -tropic
    acting on
  19. anti-
  20. contra-
    against, oppose
  21. counter-
    ooposite, against
  22. alg/o, algi/o, algesi/o
  23. chem/o
  24. hypn/o
  25. narc/o
  26. pharm, pharmac/o
    drug, medicine
  27. pyr/o, pyret/o
  28. tox/o, toxic/o
    poison, toxin
  29. vas/o
  30. APAP
  31. ASA
    Acetylsalicylic acid (asprin)
  32. ASHP
    American Society of Health System Pharmacists
  33. cap
  34. elix
  35. FDA
    Food and Drug Administration
  36. INH
    Isoniazid (antituberculosis drug)
  37. MED(s)
    medicine(s), medication(s)
  38. NSAID(s)
    Nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug(s)
  39. ODS
    Office of Dietary Supplements
  40. OTC
  41. PDR
    Physicians' Desk Reference
  42. supp
  43. susp
  44. tab
  45. tinct
  46. ung
  47. USP
    United States Pharmacopeia
  48. mL
  49. p
    after, post
  50. pc
    after meals
  51. po
    by mouth
  52. pp
    postprandial (after a meal)
  53. prn
    as needed
  54. qam
    every morning
  55. qh
    every hour
  56. q___h
    every ___ hours
  57. qid
    four times a day
  58. s (with line over top)
  59. SA
    sustained action
  60. SC, SQ, and subcu
  61. SL
  62. SR
    Sustained Release
  63. ss (with line over top)
  64. tid
    three times per day
  65. U
  66. x
  67. Adrenergics
    mimics the action of the sympathetic nervous system, which responds to stress; used to treat bronchospasms, allergic reactions, and hypotension.

    Generic names: epinephrine, phenylephrine, pseudoephedrine, dopamin.

    Brand names: Bronkaid, Neo-Synephrine, Sudafed, Intropin
  68. Analgesics
    Alleviates pain. Decreases pain sensation in central nervous system; chronic use my lead to physical dependence.

    Generic names: codeine, morphine, meperidine, oxycodone, aspirin, acetaminophen, ibprofen, celecoxib (cox-2 inhibitor)

    Brand names: Demerol, Percodan, Percocet, tylenol, motrin, advil, celebrex
  69. Nonarcotics
    acts peripherally to inhibit prostaglandins; they may also be antiinflammatory and antipyretic (reduce fever).
  70. Anesthetics
    reduce/eliminate sensation.

    Generic names: (local) lidocaine, bupivacaine, (general) nitrous oxide, midazolam, thiopental

    Brand names: Xylocaine, Marcaine, Pentothal
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