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  1. Asinine
    Stupid; silly
  2. Benevolence
    A generous or thoughtful gift
  3. Benign
    Kind and gentle
  4. Bridgework
    Made up of sections of replacement teeth that can be inserted and removed from ones mouth
  5. Chameleon
    Scout points out that Miss Maudie's appearance was as changeable as a lizard
  6. Cordiality
    Sincere affection and kindness
  7. Edification
    Education; instruction
  8. Gaped
    To stare at a person with your mouth open
  9. Inquisitive
    Questioning; prying
  10. Mimosa
    Also called a silk tree or shrub
  11. Morbid
    Gruesome; horrible
  12. Placidly
    Calmly; quietly
  13. Protestant
    Baptist, methodist, and lutheran
  14. Pulpit gospel
    Pulpit- the raised platform where the preacher preaches in church
  15. Quibbling
    A type of arguing where you avoid the main point by bringing up petty details
  16. Tactit
    An agreement or in this case. Treaty. Silently agreed upon
  17. Collards
    A type of cabbage with very coarse leaves
  18. Dismemberment
    To tear or to cut someones limbs off
  19. Eerily
    Weirdly; mysteriously
  20. Ensuing
    Something that comes immediately after something else
  21. Franklin stove
    A cast iron heating stove invented by Benjamin Franklin
  22. Kudzu
    A quick growing vine with large leaves
  23. Lattice work
    A lattice is an openwork structure of crossed strips or bars, as in a screen
  24. Malignant
    Dangerous, evil
  25. Prowess
    Superior ability or skill
  26. Ramshackle
    Loose or rickety; about to fall apart
  27. Respiration
  28. Rigid
  29. Waning
    Becoming less bright, intense, or strong
  30. Cleaved
  31. Gnats
    Small two winged insects that can bite or sting
  32. Meditative
    To reflect upon something or think about it
  33. Palate
    The roof of ones mouth
  34. Perpetual embalming
    • Perpetual: something that lasts forever
    • Embalming: the process of preserving a dead body
  35. Rendered
  36. Vigil
    A watch
  37. Whittles
    To use a knife to cut away thin shavings of wood
  38. Aberrations
    Moving away from something that is normal
  39. Azaleas
    A colorful and decorative kind of flower
  40. Cannas
    A beautiful tropical flower
  41. Caricatures
    A representationbof a person where certain features of that person are exaggerated or disorted
  42. Cordial
    Warm and friendly
  43. Flue
    A channel in a chimney that allows smoke and flames to pass to the outside
  44. Meteorological
    Anything to do with meteorology or weather
  45. Morphodite
    An animal or plant with both male and female reproductive organs
  46. Near libel
    Libel is harming someones reputation
  47. Perpetrated
    Carried out; committed
  48. Plaited
  49. Prucured
  50. Prophets
    Someone able to predict the future
  51. Quelled
    To overwhelm something until it is powerless
  52. Roomers
    Persons who rent and live in rooms in a house
  53. Switches
    Slender twigs or branches
  54. Taffeta
    A lustrous, still fabric, often used for womens dresses
  55. Touchous
    Touchy; sensitive
  56. Treble
  57. Unfathomable
    Something that cannot be understood
  58. Ambrosia
    A desert made up of a mixture of fruits, nuts, and coconut
  59. Analogous
    Similar; comparable
  60. Attire
  61. Bawled
    Cried noisily
  62. Bluff
    The broad, flat front of a cliff
  63. Catwalk
    A narrow, elevated walkway
  64. Changelings
    A child secretly put in the face of another
  65. Compensation
    To pay for something or to make up for something
  66. Conatituted
    Made up
  67. Crooned
    To sing in a low gentle tone
  68. Deportment
  69. Dim
    Unclear; not strong
  70. Donned
    Put on
  71. Doused
    To poor liquid all over someone
  72. Evasion
    To avoid doing or answering something directly
  73. Fanatical
    Exreme enthusiasm, interest, zeal, etc. Goes beyond what is reasonable
  74. Gallantly
    Politely; in the manner of a gentleman
  75. Gastric
    Of in or near the stomach
  76. Gravitated
    Finding yourself pulled in the dorection of that object or person
  77. Guilessness
    No craftiness in dealing with others
  78. Harbored
    To hold in the mind
  79. Hookah
    An oriental tobacco pipe with a flexible tube that draws smoke through a bowl of water
  80. Impaired
    Damaged; weakened
  81. Indecision
    Not being able to decide what to do
  82. Indicative
    Something that shows or displays something
  83. Ingenuous
    Simple; innocent
  84. Innate
    Something innate is a natural part of something else
  85. Inordinately
    Too great or too many
  86. Invective
    Abusive terms, curses, insults, etc.
  87. Isolate
    Set apart from others
  88. Jar
    Shake up; disturb
  89. Jetty
    A type of wall built out into water to protect a coastline or restrain currents
  90. Mishaps
    Unlucky or unfortunate accidents
  91. Mortify
    Humiliate; embarrass
  92. Noctirnal
  93. Obsess
    Greaty preoccupy
  94. Obstreperous
    Noisy and unruly
  95. Pantry
    A small room or closet off the kitchen where foodstuffs and cooking ingredients are stored
  96. Porter
    A person who carries luggage
  97. Provocation
    Something that excites some sort of feeling
  98. Ringworm
    A contagious skil disease cause by fungus
  99. Siblings
    Brothers and or sisters
  100. Still
    An apparatus for making alchoholic liquors
  101. Subdued
    Someone who has been soothed or softened and made less intense
  102. Tarried
    Delayed; waited
  103. Tentatively
    To be hesitant or unsure
  104. Tongs
    Device used to grab or lift objectd
  105. Trousseau
    All the new clothes a bride brings to her marriage
  106. Uncompromising lineaments
    Distincitive features or characteristics that are unchanging or firm
  107. Wary
    Cautious on your guard against something
  108. Widow's walk
    A platform with a rail around it built onto the roof of a house
  109. Yankees
    Norterners; natives of Nortern states
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