1. in between two levels
    interjacent, median, mid, middle, midway
    • intermediate
    • ADJ
    • because she wasn't new to the game, nor was she a pro, Jessica was placed on the intermediate team.
  2. to purposefully disobey
    breach, contravene, disrupt, transgress, trespass
    • violate
    • V
    • If he were to violate his probation, he would be sent back to jail.
    • She did not want to violate her parents' trust, so she told her friends that she couldn't go to the club.
  3. to point out
    display, imply, reflect, show, signify, suggest
    • indicate
    • V
    • Yolanda was asked to indicate to the jury where the attack took place by pointing it out on the map.
    • The students were asked to indicate whether or not they had participated in the prank.
  4. a small action or technique that is part of a larger plan to achieve a goal.
    approach, maneuver, ploy, schem, strategy, way
    • tactic
    • N
    • The undercover operation tactic was to invade the house under the guise of a delivery man.
    • The tactic of the special operations unit was unknown to all but the essential members of the team.
  5. working independently without human interacion
    instrumental, involuntary, mechanical, robotic, self-activating, spontaneous
    • automatic
    • ADJ
    • Her refrexes became automatic as she steered the car into the skid, just as she was trained to do.
    • Driving a car with an automatic transmission frees the driver from having to shift gears manually.
  6. a period of ten years
    • decade
    • N
    • It had been more than a decade since she had seen her brother.
    • The company was started a decade ago by the mother and daughter duo.
  7. in spite of that
    but, nonetheless, regardless, so, still, yet
    • nvertheless
    • ADV
    • Nevertheless, you should help those in need even if it is invonvenient to you
    • Shane should, nevertheless, agree with his brother to keep things peaceful.
  8. to evaluate or appriase
    caculate, consider, estimate, gauge, measure
    • assess
    • V
    • Mike asked his employees to assess each customer's situation before coming to a decision about their inquiries.
    • MS. Leah was trying to assess the cause of the fight before determining with of the students started it.
  9. legally reponsible
    accountable, answerable, blameworhy, chargeable, guilty
    • liable
    • ADJ
    • The company was held liable for its workers' accidents.
    • Someone should be held liable for the swimmer's death.
  10. work, especially physical work
    drudgery, effort, exertion, industry, toil
    • labor
    • N
    • The cost of labor is higher than the cost of building materials.
    • The farmer could not labot as long as he used to in the heat.
  11. to accept as a fact, to recognize.
    agree, confess, grant, greet, notice, observe
    • acknowledge
    • V
    • The teacher asked that her students acknowledge the guest speaker's arrival with welcoming smiles.
    • Please acknowledge me when I am speaking to you.
  12. relating to intelligence
    cerebral, instructed, logical, mental, rational, wise
    • intellectual
    • ADJ
    • Once he puts his intellectual mind to work, he'll be able to solve all of the math problems on the test.
    • Sarah shows her intellectual side when she is with her book club.
  13. lasting a short time
    ephemeral, interim, nonpermanent, short-term, substituted, uncertain
    • temporary
    • ADJ
    • Althought it does hurt, the pain is only temporary.
    • Althought the show did eventually begin, there was a temporary delay due to an injury of one of the performers.
  14. contained within
    basic, essential, inborn, included, innate, intergral
    • intrinsic
    • ADJ
    • She had an intrinsic desire to visit her homeland.
    • A baby's need for its mother is an intrinsic part of its very nature.
  15. a point of view; a particular attitude toward something
    position, range, slant, viewpoint
    • perspective
    • N
    • Each of Mrs. Tam's students had their own, unique perspective on the issue at hand.
    • The team leader asked the team members to try to look at the situation from his own perspective.
  16. the way in which something concludes.
    aftereffect, aftermath, conclusion, consequence, eventuality, result
    • outcome
    • N
    • The desperate mother prayed that the outcome of her son's surgery would be a positive one.
    • The outcome of the story was totally unexpected.
  17. on or from the outside
    elsewhere, independent, outermost, outward, separate
    • external
    • ADJ
    • one's external appearance has no bearing on what's on the inside.
    • The external members on the team were called in from the local university.
  18. to persuade someone to agree with a statement
    assure, demonstrate, induce, influence, make certain, sway
    • convince
    • V
    • It was almost impossible to convince the professor that he had made a mistake when grading the student's test.
    • She knew she had to convince the jury that what she was saying was the absolute truth.
  19. having to do with the law
    authorized, legalized, licit, permitted, sanctioned, valid
    • legal
    • ADJ
    • The government brought legal action against the corrupt politician.
    • It is definitely not legal to drink and drive.
  20. very large in size or quantity
    colossal, gigantic, huge, mammoth, massive, tremendous
    • enormous
    • ADJ
    • It was an enormous relief when the plane finally landed.
    • The enormous boulder was suddenly barreling down the hill and was heading straight for the house.
  21. complete, including all elements
    exhaustive, extensive, general, inclusive, large
    • comprehensive
    • ADJ
    • The doctor always provided his patients with a comprehensive medical examination before coming to any conclusions.
    • She was taught to be very comprehensive when reporting on any news story.
  22. to show or claim that something is right or reasonable
    defend, explain, give grounds for, rationalize, validate
    • justify
    • V
    • Please justify your reasons behind the cover-up so that everyone can understand why you did it.
    • Lacy knew she would have to justify er actions to her parents.
  23. to make a dramatic change
    alter, convert, reconstruct, transfigure, transmute
    • transform
    • V
    • He wanted to transform himself into something different when he felt angry.
    • She transformed into a totally new person when she came home from work.
  24. to express
    communicate, inform, suggest
    • convey
    • V
    • She conveyed her true feelings to her boyfriend during their argument.
    • Each student was asked to convey his own interpretation of the story in the essay.
  25. weather conditions prevailing over a long period of time
    ambience, atmospheric, conditions, feeling, mood, region
    • climate
    • N
    • When the climate is right, a major hurricane has the potential to form.
    • The climate of the south is very hot and humid in the summertime.
  26. necessary part of a greater whole
    basic, complete, essential, fundamental, inherent
    • integral
    • ADJ
    • The witness proved to be an integral piece of the puzzle that finally solved the case.
    • Brandon proved to be an integral member of the police force.
  27. mainly; for the most part
    commonly, generally, mostly, primarily, typically
    • chiefly
    • ADV
    • The doctor was chiefly concerned with his patient's total recovery.
    • Anna was chiefly worried about her daughter's high fever.
  28. the state of being male or female, especially in a social or cultural context
    • gender
    • N
  29. simple and easy to do or understand.
    clear-cut, forthright, intelligible, uncomplicated, undisguised
    • straightforward
    • ADJ
    • Dr.James' straightforward approach to his patient's sympoms is what saved the man's life.
    • The detective demanded straightforward answers from his suspect.
  30. exisitin as thought or an idea; without having real or physical form.
    conceptual, insubstrantial, mental, metaphysical, philosophic
    • abstract
    • ADJ
    • The abstract theories presented at the meeting did not help, as they were not supported by any fatual evidence.
    • Her undiscening artwork was considered to be abstract.
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