Personality Disorder(2)

  1. What will effect personality disorder(Mental illness) more.
    Environment and an interplay between biology and environment effect personality disorder.
  2. Do other psychiatric and medical diagnoses manifest symptoms of personality disorders?
    Yes, they do manifest(act or look like).
  3. How are personality disorders listed?
    They are listed in Axis and most personality disorders have an Axis I and Axis II. Clinicians often have to decide which is primary. This means it may be causing an Axis I disorder, such as depression or transient psychosis.
  4. How are personality disorders described?
    Personality Disorders are described in Clusters.

    • Cluster A
    • Cluster B
    • Cluster C
  5. What is Cluster A?
    • Behaviors that are described as odd or eccentric.
    • Paranoid personality disorder.
    • Schizoid personality disorder.
    • Schizotypal personality disorder.
  6. What is Cluster B?
    • Cluster B are behaviors that are described as dramatic, emotional, or erratic.
    • Antisocial personality disorder.
    • Borderline personality disorder.
    • Historionic personality disorder.
    • Narcissistic personality disorder.
  7. What is Cluster C?
    • Cluster C are behaviors that are described as anxious or fearful.
    • Avoidant personality disorder.
    • Dependent personality disorder.
    • Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.
    • Passive-Aggressive personality disorder.
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