Alpha Kappa Psu

  1. Tag Line
    Alpha Kappa Psi- Shaping People, Shaping Business
  2. Vision
    Alpha Kappa Psi is recongized as the premier developer of prinicipled business leaders
  3. Core Values
    Brotherhood, Intergrity, Knowlegde, and Service
  4. Guiding Principles
    Building Brotherhood, Lifelong Learning, Enhancing the Fraternity for life, Higher Ethnical Standards, Improving Communities
  5. Founding Fathers
    Camp, Lane, Deff, Douglas, Leach, Jefferson, Bergen, Tremaine, Rachmill,Wright
  6. Brookyln Four
    Nathan Lane, Howard M. Jeffersoon, George L. Burgens, and Robert R. Leach
  7. Fraternity Flower
    Yellow Rose
  8. What is the creed of Alpha Kappa Psi?
    Alpha Kappa Psi recognizes that We live in deeds, not years;In thought, not breath;In service, not in figures on the dial.We count time by heart throbs, When they beat for God, for man, for duty. He lives most who thinks most, Is noblest, acts the best.
  9. What are the objectives of AKPsi?
    • 1. To further the individual welfare of its members;
    • 2. To foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounts and finance;
    • 3. To educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals therein; and
    • 4. To promote and advance in institution of college rank, courses leading to degrees in business administration
  10. What is the address of the Heritage Center?
    7801 E 88th st, Indianapolis, IN 46356-1233
  11. What is the telephone number of the Heritage Center?
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