ARH 120

  1. afterimage
    visual sensation that persists after the external stimulus
  2. analogous hues
    hues containing a common color
  3. atmospheric perspective
    technique for creating the illusion of distance
  4. broken color
    color whose pure hue has been "broken" through the addition of another
  5. calligraphy
    handwriting designed to be beautiful
  6. cel
    celluloid sheets
  7. chiaroscuro
    "light-dark" in Italian
  8. coffer
    recessed geometrical panel in the ceiling
  9. color wheel
    circular, 2 dimensional model illustrating the relationships of the various hues
  10. complementary colors
    hues that are directly opposite each other on the color wheel
  11. contour line
    line representing the outline of a figure or form
  12. cross-hatching
    pattern of superimposed parallel lines
  13. cubism
    • artistic style developed in the early 20th century by
    • Braque and Picasso
  14. divisionism
    painting technique in which color is built up through the use of dots of color
  15. foreshortening
    use of perspective to represent an object extending back in space
  16. hatching
    close parallel lines used in drawings and prints
  17. impasto
    thick application of paint to a canvas or panel
  18. implied line
    movement in a linear direction caused by a visual element other than an actual line
  19. intensity
    degree of purity of a color
  20. isometric perspective
    system of perspective in which diagonal lines convey the effect of distance
  21. kinetic
    having to do with movement
  22. linear
    style in which lines are used to depict figures with precise, fully indicated outlines
  23. linear perspective
    mathematical system devised in the Renaissance to create the illusion of depth in a 2 dimensional image
  24. local color
    color sensation imparted by a nearby object in clear daylight
  25. mass
    3 dimensional form
  26. modeling
    2 dimensional art
  27. monochromatic
    having a color scheme based on shades of black and white
  28. multiple-point perspective
    system of perspective in which there are a number of vanishing points caused by multiple buildings or other objects
  29. mural
    painting applied to the surface of a wall
  30. one-point perspective
    system of perspective in which every orthogonal leads to a single vanishing point
  31. optical mixing
    tendency for the eyes to blend individual colors
  32. orthogonals
    converging lines
  33. picture plane
    flat surface of a drawing
  34. pointillism
    technique developed by Seurat and his followers
  35. primary colors
    the pure hues (blue, red and yellow)
  36. principal colors
    the 5 main colors (red, violet, blue, green, yellow)
  37. roundel
    circular panel
  38. secondary colors
    hues produced by combining 2 primary colors
  39. sfumato
    "toned down" in Italian
  40. shade
    to darken a color by adding black
  41. shading
    gradual change from light to dark
  42. shadow
    area of dark created when an object blocks light
  43. shape
    2 dimensional area enclosed by lines
  44. simultaneous contrast
    2 complementary colors intensify each other
  45. tactility
    quality of being perceptible by the sense of touch
  46. tertiary colors
    colors made by combining a primary and a 2ndary color
  47. 3 dimensional
    having height, weight, width and depth
  48. tint
    color that is lighter than a hue's normal value
  49. 2 point perspective
    system of perspective in which there are two vanishing points
  50. value
    degree of lightness or darkness in a hue
  51. vanishing point
    the point at which the orthogonals would intersect
  52. vantage point
    point of view of the observer
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