Pharm Chap 12

  1. Used to produce loss of sensation in a specific body part or region.
    Local Anesthetic
  2. Local anesthetics are identified by what suffix?
  3. Name (3) local anesthetics
    • Bupivacaine (Marcaine)
    • Lidocaine (Xylocaine)
    • Procaine (Novocain)
  4. Bupivacaine
  5. Lidocaine
  6. Procaine
  7. First clinically used local anesthetic
  8. Applied directly to the surface of the skin, mucous membranes etc
    topical administration
  9. applied to the surface of the skin with the intent to absorb into the underlying tissues.
    Transdermal Administration
  10. Injected direcly into the selected tisue to diffuse sensory nerve endings within that tissue
    Infiltration anesthesia
  11. Injected close to the nerve trunk
    Interrupts transmission along the peripheral nerve
    Peripheral nerve block
  12. name (3) types of neural blockades
    • epidural block
    • cuadal block
    • spinal block (intrathecal anesthesia)
  13. epidural block
    injected b/w vertebral column and dura mater (epidural space)
  14. caudal block
    injected into the lumbar epidural space via sacral hiatus
  15. spinal block
    • (intrathecal anesthesia)
    • Injected b/w arachnoid mater and pia mater. (subarachnoid space)
  16. this block is used in CRPS.
    • Sympathetic block.
    • stellate ganglion for UE
    • L2 sympathetic ganglion for LE
    • *5 injections on alternate days
  17. Intravenous regional anesthesia
    Bier block
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