Bio lab Plants 17

  1. Alternation of Generations
    Two alternating multicellular stages

    • Diploid Sporophyte generation
    • Haploid Gametophyte Generation
  2. Gametangium
    In the earliest evolving groups of land plants gametes were produced inside a protective covereing......
  3. Cuticle
    aerial body parts, waxy, prevents water loss
  4. Pollen
    sperm that no longer needed water to swim to the egg
  5. Seed
    when fertilized the zygote and surrounding tissue developed into the seed
  6. Multicellular
    consisting of many specilized cells that perform only certian functions
  7. Gametangia
    reprodictive organs surrounded by nonreproductive cells that protect the gametes as they develop
  8. Oogamy
    the production of two different types of gametes, one smaller and motile and the other larger and immotile
  9. Sporopollenin
    waterproofing compound fouind in the walls of plant spores and pollen
  10. Plasmodesmata
    small strands of cytoplasm connecting adjacent cells
  11. internodal cell
    long internodal areas that consists of one internodal cell
  12. nodal cells
    diovision of nodla cells give rise to the whorls of leaflike laterals at each node
  13. laterals
    whorls, leaflike
  14. antheridia
    Male gametangia
  15. thallus
    the body of individual plants, moss
  16. Rhizoids
    adaptation for anchorage and thier surface area allows water and mineral absorption
  17. Gemme cups
    • on the upper surface of the thallus
    • produce asexual gemmae
  18. Gemmae
    small multicellular discs of green tissue
  19. antheridia
    seperate male parts that bear gametangia
  20. archegonia
    female plants, gametangia
  21. antheridiophores
    • male
    • gametangia develope
  22. archgoniophores
    • female
    • gametangia
  23. neck canal
    extending from the egg where the sperm must swim
  24. sporangium
    • capsule
    • sporocytes
    • elaters
  25. protonema
    halpoid moss cells divide by mitosis to produce haploid protonema
  26. Tahlli (sing. thallus)
    small heart shaped leaflike structures that are the begining of a fern.
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